02.17.2011 10:51 AM

Bev Oda’s resignation letter

Provided by my brother Ted Betts, and sent to him by a Conservative who is both “senior” and “anonymous.”

UPDATE: And the Grits have put together a petition, here. I might even watch QP today!


  1. Namesake says:

    very notty

  2. J. Coates says:

    Thank you, after missing my bus and walking home freeze my $#@$^ off, I needed a huge chuckle.

  3. nic coivert says:

    that is not not funny.

  4. I have to assume that this was done by an adult,although it is really more like a joke someone in grade nine would pull on a teacher that they dislike.
    Taking away the 7 million dollar grant was great.
    Lying to committee and the HOC was very wrong.
    Oda should(and will) resign,for stupidity if for nothing else.
    Showing the picture of her with a smoke in her mouth was a cheap shot………done with little class,but not surprising.
    Rae,Dewar and Barton becoming very tiresome.
    Cyber hacking,mideast riots,economy,crime bills,an upcoming election(or not) and the demise(again) of the toronto maple leafs much more important by far(to Canadians),but I bet Solomon/Barton will concentrate on Oda.
    It’s the liberal/dipper thing.

  5. Brian says:

    Odd that no one has made the most obvious “not” joke yet…

    You know, the one about the “NOT Hon. Bev Oda, Minister of International Cooperation.”

  6. Peterb says:

    I thought that was a rather disgraceful exhibition on Power Play by Travers and Robert Fife on Wednesday, to celebrate the unflattering and tasteless picture, that Canadian Press captured and circulated to all the news media of Bev Oda and the cigarette, which they guaranteed would be carried and shown all over by their professional ( using term very loosely) brethren – doesn’t say much for our media does it as it sinks to another low?
    For Travers and Fife to make light of this disgusting act, and their ensuing guffaws, should raise the ire of women across Canada, for this juvenile treatment and intrusion of a private moment. To think that 24 hours earlier, both Travis and Fife were lecturing politicians about tasteless and vulgar personal attacks, and that they had no place in a civilized society( do we recall the picture of Chretien that was condemned by these same two individuals), yet in this case they applauded, if not cherished, this disgraceful act. They can not deny that they were amused and relished this offensive photo and its’ resulting publicity, which they helped contribute to. Are we to assume that journalist have a different standard and code of ethics which may be even worse than that of politicians – or are these two an exception to the rule? I will believe, they are the exception, when I hear some of their brethren condemn them for their disgraceful actions, or that they sincerely apologize to all Canadians and women in particular, or preferably both.
    Any journalist worth his salt would have condemned and despised this act of yellow journalism.
    I am reminded of the old saying “I hear the laughter of the vacant minds”
    Does CTV and Power Play owe their viewers an apology – you decide?

    • Warren says:

      No they don’t.

      The commentary of any one of her cabinet colleagues would be something like this:

      “Let me get this straight, Bev. While we were all inside, spilling our own political blood to save your hide, you were outside, smoking – which no smart politician ever does in the sight of the media – looking like you could care less about the rest of us?”

      Your “private moment” stuff is BS. There are no “private moments” when you are standing where she was.

    • Pooping Puffen and Smokin’ Oda.

      We reap what we sow.

    • Jan says:

      Any MP standing outside the Parliament Buildings with a cigarette hanging out of his or her mouth deserves whatever publicity comes from it.

  7. Brammer says:

    Stephen Harper – “not” a leader.

  8. Bev Oda says:

    I am NOT amused.

  9. Don’t resign, Bev. We need you to make the Cons look bad.

  10. Fred Poirier says:

    Bev Oda is just another empty head in power ready to cheat, lie and manipulate just to keep her job. She learned from all other people in power. She isn’t the only one to blame. The people that are backing her up are worse. That’s all for now.

  11. Rick T. says:

    Abad week for the Cons. A good week for the Libs. NDP who gives a Rats Ass about them.

    Let the Circus continue.

  12. lipman says:

    When even the National Post editorial board writes a scathing letter demanding her resignation, then it must be time for Bev Oda to butt outta the House.

  13. dave says:

    Do the right thing Bev LEAVE

  14. Carolyn Knight says:

    I am so glad someone has a sense of humour on this one. Funny!

  15. Cath says:

    another week another grasp at scandal straws that few care about – from Ibbitson – I tend to agree.


    • faithful says:

      There are probably a few million “fews” out there who would beg to differ; however, I am having problems with my sense of self lately so I am not count.

      Learn to laugh Cath ( without the noblesse oblige) – it is a wonderful quality.

  16. JenS says:

    The local paper in her riding — a paper with a notoriously c/Conservative bent — called for her resignation in today’s edition. Can’t find it online or I would link it.

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