02.17.2011 04:54 PM

David Chen, sequel

Thanks for showing up, Steve.

Could have used you a bit earlier on.


  1. JenS says:

    It’s doing exactly what he hoped it would – taking the focus off the Oda scandal. You watch – it’ll be the lead story on every craptastic newscast in the GTA tonight. And yet, it is legislation that really doesn’t in any large way impact on the vast majority of Canadians. It’s at best window dressing that’s detracting from the Oda story.

    I wish my federal government would do something that would positively impact the lives of average Canadians. This legislation ain’t it.

  2. Warren says:

    Yes to all but not sure about Bloc.

    Where ya been? Was getting worried about our best-known Tory!

  3. Ted H says:

    A law professor on the news tonight says the changes are redundant. The courts ended up supporting David Chen anyway. It’s just grand standing and vote chasing.

  4. Warren timing is everything.

    This photo will go a long way with Fantino-Nicholson beside our PM and Chen.

    The only person missing was Rob Ford to lock up the Toronto voters.

    • Pete says:

      Garbage as usual….are you another version of observant?

    • Namesake says:

      I hope this means that citizens in the visitor’s gallery can arrest the govt’s whole front bench next QP for crimes against honesty.

      And speaking of Vaughan: now we know how they really won: by old-fashioned pork-barreling capped with new-fashioned EAP Signage Adscam:

      “Vaughan, the so-called battleground riding that recently switched from Liberal red to Tory blue, received funding for a whopping 136 projects. That’s 136 billboards for the government. It’s at the top of the list for all of Canada, but that doesn’t even begin to tell the story. It has 60 more stimulus projects than the second-place riding. It has more than six times the average for Ontario. ”


      Stinking Harpercrites

      What’s next: a stadium/arena for every coveted riding?

      • Jan says:

        This law would have been useful for the citizens of Caledonia. Isn’t a bit rich for Fantino to be championing citizens rights – now?

    • hugger says:

      “The only person missing was Rob Ford to lock up the Toronto voters.”

      Questions are, do they have enough jail cells and will they come for the Communists first?

  5. fritz says:

    I have to agree with Ted H. This will have little to no actual effect on the law.
    Mr. Chen was abused by the system but this is political grandstanding for the base.
    The real fun will begin when some political activist tries to do a citizen’s arrest on a politician for some perceived grievance. Then will hear a different tune.

  6. jStanton says:

    … but, to get back to the original issue, that of the predilection for Crown and cops to shoot the messenger, rather than deal with the crime and criminal, we may now have directives that prevent Crown ‘n cops from locking up victims of shoplifting, but if any punks break-into your house and you defend yourself and your family, the law will put you in a cage, and require you to reallocate all your resources to the criminal justice system. There goes your life, assets, your job, your pension, and possibly your family as a consequence.

    It’s easy to say that the regrettable treated of Chen by the justice system is moot, because a judge, in the end, recognized where justice lay, but when the justice system abuses the victims of crime simply as part of its process, then by definition the system is broken.

    The Charter is supposed to protect Canadians from machinations of the State that are cavalier. That protection, when delayed by the State, is no protection at all.

    We need laws in this country that are sophisticated enough to not paint every incident with the same brush. If even common people across all divides can uniformly recognize what is just, then why (as in the Chen case, and for so-called “Castle Doctrine” issues), can’t the justice system reflect that?

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