02.27.2011 01:22 AM

Done With Dolls

Last week after SFH practice, we got together with the legendary Cam Carpenter at the Shanghai on Queen West, and he told us he had just come from seeing the most amazing thing: tweenish Toronto girls in a band named Done With Dolls.  A bunch of record execs were there, dragged by their similarly youngish daughters, and Done With Dolls just blew the roof off the place.  “The execs were just standing their with their mouths hanging open, not believeing what they were seeing,” said Cam.

It took me a while to track down this vid (and here’s another one!).  If you’re not down with Done With Dolls after hearing their lyrics (about their lives) and seeing them (with braces, no less!) you have no heart.

I predict these girls are going to be huge, huge, huge.  Just wait.


  1. michael hale says:

    Reminds me of when rock was fun.

  2. Andrew says:

    The sound is pretty derivative and the song writing is pretty formulaic. Watch the Disney Channel, there is a ton of Disney signed bands that sound and look like this.

  3. Laurel says:

    Yep, tried it out on my nearly 11-year-old. Big hit.

  4. Ted says:


    So good it almost makes you think this is all prepackaged and planned by music execs, especially with how well the videos are done.

    Here’s one of them doing a cover of Linda Ronstadt’s “Your No good”.

    • Dave says:

      Seems like the girls can play their instruments, sing and look cute while doing it. Best of luck to them.

      Manager/Dad appears to be a Senior VP/Manager at House and Home media, so that might have helped a bit with the connections thing.

  5. fritz says:

    Pop pablum. Give me ‘Girlschool’ any day.

  6. eattv says:

    Little riot grrrls. Maybe there’s some hope yet.

  7. Visionseeker says:

    Hum, the connections to H&H tells me this is prefab. I hope I’m wrong. Because if these 13/14 yr olds are coming by this honestly… we’re getting years of evolving entertainment.

    • Dave says:

      I think it’s likely a bit of both – articles claim that the girls have been taking guitar lessons since they were 5 and 6, and that’s plenty of time (especially for a kid) to get good enough on an instrument to do what they’re doing.

      Throw in a little bit of advice/production from some labelmates (i.e Raine Maida), make some slick videos using what I imagine would be significant help from H&H media and get a small team of folks working on sending out releases and promoting and you’re off to the races.

  8. doug says:

    wow! jailbait! thanks for the link!

  9. matt says:

    RAWK stars. Am curious who’s writing.

  10. Sandra MacKay says:

    My daughter saw them yesterday at Yonge and Dundas. She loved them!

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