12.19.2011 09:19 AM

George Smitherman in Toronto-Danforth?

That’d be interesting.

Bob Rae, gathering his pals around him as he is, sure isn’t behaving like a guy who is planning on making good on his promise not to be anything other than an “interim” leader, eh?


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    Michael Radan says:

    For the link:

    “While party brass could conceivably change the rules in future to allow him to run for the permanent leadership, the 62-year-old Rae said he’s made a pact with his wife to serve only as interim leader.”

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    wannabeapiper says:

    In other news and keeping with the season…here is a Senior Citizen Flash Mob-I think they are looking for a Chairman or President, but just until October, so the person has to agree to step off by then….know anybody?


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    KenzoS says:

    because what we Fed Liberals need right now, in our desperate hour of darkness, is some career politicians who are rude, nasty, arrogant, and have no track record of uniting people. Geesh, things are looking up.

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    Mike says:

    I’ve never been a huge Rae fan given his previous dipper status, but I do have to say that IMO he’s been doing a pretty good job and I’m not convinced that anyone else even wants the position.

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      Pat says:

      Probably because the leadership race hasn’t really started…

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    KenzoS says:

    by way of clarifacation, my above comment (harangue?) was directed at Georgey Porgey (puddin’ and, oh, whatever), not necessarily at our interim leader. Although I can see why some might want, or feel the need, to include him.

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    TheSilentObserver says:

    Smitherman is one of the few Liberals I continue to hold in high esteem, but as I mentioned on an earlier thread dealing with the notion that a certain Warren Kinsella might serve as a prospective candidate, I simply don’t think anybody could steal this seat from the NDP. As well, as much as I like Smitherman, if he couldn’t make himself more appealing than Rob Ford to the city of Toronto, it’s doubtful that he could make himself more appealing than a virtual unknown for Toronto-Danforth

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      Reality.Bites says:

      Smitherman beat Ford rather decisively in the downtown core. I don’t think the NDP owns Toronto-Danforth. I think Jack Layton did – eventually. In 1997 he was beaten decisively by Dennis Mills, 50% to 33%. Only when he became NDP leader was he able to win it, by 46% to 41%. And it wasn’t until the 2011 election that he was able to get the majority of votes cast.

      A high-profile Liberal candidate certainly has a decent shot at this feet against a virtual unknown.

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        Ted says:

        Agree with your point about how winnable the riding is but not about how Smitherman’s win in downtown is indicative of anything.

        In Ward 29, Toronto-Danforth, Ford had 6,493 votes (36.3%) compared to Smitherman’s 7,658 (42.8%). Pantalone had 2,863 (16.0%). How Smitherman did against Ford doesn’t matter. Put one left-of-centre against one-far-right-of-centre in a downtown election and the result is obvious. Pit Smitherman against another left-of-centre, though? It will be tough, even for a seasoned campaigner like George. Not living in that riding would also not help him (not that Jack lived in the riding).

        With Jack building a base in TD, and the party focused on winning it “for Jack” in the by-election and the Libs no further ahead in convincing Canadians, and you can see how hard it will be, even with a star.

        Almost better for the Libs to run a local future candidate to season him or her for the real campaign when the Jack stuff has faded, to get them familiar with campaigning and get some name recognition for next time.

        George should also realize that Toronto Centre is probably going to be split before the next election with the new bill Harper just passed.

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    AP says:

    I thought Rocco Rossi was going to run for the Liberals?

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    BC'er says:

    oooohhhhh I hope Justin is the next leader, I really really really do..

    is that to much to ask?

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    Sean says:

    I’m told the Raelians are also bussing in the clowns to stack the deck for the AGM vote. Nice to see how much we’ve learned from the bad old days of “the board.”

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    GPeter says:

    I suppose if George Smitherman wanted to lose, he could run in Toronto Danforth.

    Toronto Danforth is solidly NDP.

    NDP at the Federal Level (until Jack’s death), provincial, municipal, and at the school trustee level. Nostalgia will prevent him from taking this riding held by Jack, which is already solidly orange.

    And let’s be honest…the NDP is better at this type of single, focused election than we are. Not to mention they now have the staff to stack the riding.

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