01.20.2012 07:50 AM


My guy, Obama.

You could not do better than this if you planned it: no clear winner in the Republican field, with assorted extremists doing well, and the one moderate doing badly.

And this all happens without you lifting a finger. Not bad.


  1. mrburnsns says:

    I definitely don’t think Obama deserves a second term, but this one is over. Gingrich has too much baggage to win, but he’ll knock the knees out from under Romney’s campaign before he concedes.

  2. Ed says:

    Ya, Newt has all the momentum. That’s why he had to cancel his first speech today due to poor attendance.

  3. Ted H says:

    Lionel Trilling described American conservatism as a mélange of “irritable mental gestures which seek to resemble ideas.”

  4. dave says:

    I thought that truthtelling historian Gingrich’s well planned dump on John King was Gingrich’s usual self righteous blather. The audience reacted in support of that blather – a bit of irony to me, in that it was an audience that reacted to everything else the way that an audience that always bought the MSM version would react. The better comment,perhaps more subtle, on MSM’s presentation of these debates the past several years was when the audience insisted that Ron Paul be given an opportunity to address one of the issues.

    • Ted says:

      I find it quite refreshing to see the moderators involvement with specific questions targeted to individual candidates. Makes the debate much more relevant and interesting than the kind of generic, bend over backwards to not seem biased questions we usually get up here.

      Having said that, I didn’t like the first question about Gingrich’s complete moral failing as a family man, especially as the first question of the debate. It is wholly relevant since he attempts to campaign on family values that he doesn’t practice, but in this case ABC hasn’t even broadcast the interview in question, it is one ex-wife about an issue that has been in the public for over a decade (with some more detail) and there are other more relevant and pressing issues.


  5. Cam Prymak says:

    “Gingrich takes the MSM to the woodshed”

    sounds like ‘pious baloney’ to me.

  6. JH says:

    WK – I read a report somewhere in the last couple of days, that the independant vote was now at 30% and that they will decide the election. It also said 70% of them did not approve of Obama’s results in his first term. If true, I wouldn’t consider him home and clear just yet.

  7. Dave Wells says:

    Gord, Gord, Gord….you sound EXACTLY like a Liberal circa, oh, March or April of last year.

    As usual, the Keystone problem can be traced, as usual, to the House Republicans-


    It all comes down to conservatives who just cannot stand to have an uppity black man as President.

    • The Doctor says:

      “conservatives who just cannot stand to have an uppity black man as President.”

      I’m an Obama supporter and always have been, but I think that’s a very unfair, biased comment. Of course there are some people, quite a few in fact, who hold that view about Obama. But it’s unfair and false to suggest that all US conservatives, or a majority of them, hold that racist view of Obama. Unless, of course, you have reliable polling data that clearly backs up your statement.

  8. Patrick Deberg says:

    Obama certainly will win this.

    Conservatives are defined by their own weaknesses. Ultimately they are held together by what they hate not what they love. Never more so than today. The evangelicals and the tea party are looking at which candidate they hate the least as opposed to who can help the country. They have no vision further than keeping the others down that are somehow different from them. They really don’t like each other and the fact of the matter is that they think individually that they are all right all the time so can’t work with one another. This eventually defeats them and puts the liberal mind back in the drivers seat. The problem is the destruction they leave in their wake and the amount of commitment and sacrifice it takes to clean up their messes that they never admit to creating. It’s happening in the US and you can see the cracks starting to appear in the ” Harper ” government. Won’t be long………..

  9. Cletis the slack jawed yokel.... says:

    Whats an American fundy to do?….support a garment wearing cult member who baptises dead people…..or an uncaring, philandering male whore……

  10. Dan says:

    God, PLEASE let it be Newt. One of the most hypocritical, unlikeable politicians in America. Conservatives will love that he whined about Bill Clinton’s blowjob, but abandon him when they realize he was fucking around on his second wife at the same time. Then there’s the money he made as a lobbyist, and the times he supported government action on climate change, and an individual mandate to buy health insurance. Once his record is out there for everyone to see, there won’t be anyone except the most hardcore Conservative hacks who will still support him. It would be Johnson thumping Goldwater all over again.

    But going up against Multiple Choice Romney would be the next best thing.

  11. dave says:

    In the final TWO late next summer and into the fall, lots of poepl assume it will be a man to man thing, Obama against Romney or Santorum. But the Citizens United, and that whole thing about money being free speech, suggest that it will be big obama backers against much bigger anti Obama types. The media is set to make a ton of money out of this and will pump it for every last nickel, and, it will be intersting to see whether or not big bucks can hold out against bigger bucks. I think, too, that a lot of foreign money is going to be laundered through this thing.

    (I say TWO because the media down there, and up here as well, leave out all the other candidates – including the quite interesting Rocky Anderson, whose track record as mayor of Salt Lake City shows some accomplishments that a lot of us admire.)

  12. Philippe says:

    Plus, they’re spending their cash while Obama racks it up. We’re talking about a “billion dollar campaign”. Incredibly most of that is small donations by regular folks. For once, the good guy has the money.

  13. Philippe says:

    I watched the whole thing. Newt’s a great debater but he’s a relic from the past. He’s also a cheating hypocrite who laughably preaches morality. Your best shot is Romney, but even he will get demolished by Obama. Your Republicans’ do-nothing – block every Obama initiative strategy will backfire, big-time. It already has:

    I don’t see how your party has a shot in hell. You’re grossly out-funded, and on the wrong-side of public opinion on every major issue.

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