02.21.2012 09:46 AM

Daily Brief, Feb. 20: the NDP leadership race is…ZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzz

Suddenly, I am moderating an NDP leadership debate. Just as suddenly, I am struck by narcolepsy.


  1. Harith says:

    At least they’re having a leadership race.

  2. Glen says:

    Heh heh.

    Seriously, who cares?

    They should just do a vote this week and get it over with. They could do it upstairs at the McDonald’s on Bank and Queen St. They have $1 off any sized coffee this week.

    The money and time being wasted on something so trivial and meaningless boggles the mind.

    Jack’s at the great massage parlour in the sky. The party will never win that many seats again.

    • Jason King says:

      “Jack’s at the great massage parlour in the sky.”

      Classy… bet your mom must have spent a fair bit on mouth soap for you back in the day.

  3. MoeL says:

    I’m surprised that Topp at got all those high profile endorsements up front since he seems to me to be the weakest of the top tier candidates. Also surprised that some functionally unilingual candidates are even in the top tier. Baunjur, comma sava is not good enough for my PM. I thought the NDP could do better than this…. and Canada’s tallest midget is???

    • Jim Hanna says:

      Well why not, when apparently its good enough for a large number of Quebec voters, who have MP’s who can barely speak their language (on both sides, there are West Island MP’s who can barely speak English. You’d have thought that the campaign would have matched up the ridings to the candidates…).

      The NDP policy seems to be it doesn’t matter whether your MP, who has to serve constituents, can speak your language; but that it should be an overriding consideration for a Supreme Court Justice who doesnt’ interact with the public and has access to the best translators in the country.

  4. Anne Peterson says:

    You know I’d forgotten about the conservative smearing of Jack Layton when they thought they had caught him at something – it was extremly personal and they exaggerated it as much as they could. And even that ‘very careful about reporting personal things’ made as much hay as they could over it. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. And they all want to protect Vic Toews.

    Anyway that is a digression. You don’t have to be dramatic, Warren, to be right (as in correct, not as in right wing).

  5. dave says:

    I have watched one leadership debate and part of another on tv. I know what you mean by dull tv. They just go on and on and on – first they address one issue important to ordinary Canadians, analyze it, suggest solutions, then they discuss another issue important to Canadians,…when they disagree on something they discuss the issue that they disagree about,they do not attack ad hominemly(neologism for today) …the only attacks really are on the present governing party in Canada – not on each other…this is not what talking heads television has trained us to view.
    We have been trained by talking heads tv to expect rancour, insults both veiled and explicit, accusations, ‘gotchas,’ …
    …but all we are getting is business like discussion of issues and possibilities, talk about everyday things that we all experience most of the time.
    Imagine all this cooperation and deliberate analysis and proposed solutions on a governing front bench.
    They are showing themselves unfit to govern.

  6. william smith says:

    hands up the people on this page who normally have a good word to say about the NDP. Seeing none thought so. just writing to the choir!

  7. dave says:


    (So?…every body’s hand doesn’t look the same.)

  8. Richard says:

    Just hope that you don’t end up with a Mitt Romney-esque pandering of the lowest order. That was some kinda pathetic.

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