03.29.2012 11:13 AM

Hudak’s historic hubris

Whoever advised Hudak to vote against the budget – without even having read a word of it – is no friend of the hapless Ontario PC leader.  As one senior Ontario Liberal told me this morning:  “Whoever advised him to take that position is doing so because it’s an easy way to get rid of him.  If he defeats the government four months after the election, he’s done.”

Personally, I’m all for it.  Winning four elections in a row – and this one’ll be a majority, I guarantee it – will be fun.  Seeing the end of Tea Party Tim’s leadership will be a bonus, too.


  1. Conservative Socialist says:

    Of course a political junkie like yourself would like another election.

    If Hudak’s caucus votes no as a bloc, then it will be up to the NDP to deliver the votes that are needed.

    That will force McGuinty to turn left. This might be speculation on my part, but maybe this is what Hudak is hoping for so that he can run against the Liberal-NDP “coalition” down the road.

  2. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Would ANY fiscally conservative Ontarian support another costly election four months after the last?…..Methinks Fratboy Tim must have a death wish…….

    • Conservative Socialist says:

      That’s the nature of our political system–elections cost money. I’d rather opt for that than having an unaccountable government.

      If Hudak takes the fracas over the cliff, then the voters of Ontario are certainly free to punish him at the polls.

  3. Conservative Socialist says:

    I’ve not lived in Ontario now for 12 years since I moved to Alberta.

    But governing Ontario for the past 20 years is probably a thankless job. Consider that Bob Rae and Mike Harris get spat on by the mere mention of their names. There was much to dislike about Rae’s government, but he presided during a time when manufacturing in North America was shedding untold numbers of jobs.

    McGuinty is not that much well liked either, at least according to the people I know from Ontario. Yet he got reelected twice.

    Hudak may be trying to score cheap political points, but that’s the nature of democracy. I’d rather have petty partisanship than live under a dictatorship.

  4. allegra fortissima says:

    “Ms. Horwath said she plans to talk to the same people who elected her and ask them if they are happy with the budget or if they want to go back to the polls. ‘We’re going to take our cues from everyday people,’ Ms. Horwath said. ‘I’m going to talk to them about whether or not they bought a pig in a poke when they elected the Liberals in a minority situation last October.'” (Globe and Mail, March 28, 2012)

    A smart woman. Actually, a very smart woman.

    “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” – good old Lincoln got that right. So does Ms. Horwath.

  5. Brad Young says:

    If Hudak were to go, that would make room for Randy Hillier.

  6. Joey Rapaport says:


  7. tfalcone86 says:

    Hudak has really stepped in it this time. If Horwath does not bail him out of this one, the Conservatives will have to campaign on a more austere budget which voters will reject. More than that, the Liberals will easily be able to say Hudak plans to cut education and health care services to balance the books. In saying so, they would probably be right. Contrastingly Horwath would have to campaign on raising taxes. Furthermore Horwath will have a very hard time voting for this budget as her credibility with public sector unions will be axed. The idea of “sick” MPPs missing the vote would get destroyed in today’s social media world.

    This is not a good position for anybody except Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals who have their election platformed already released.

  8. Tiger says:

    Bring on the election!

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