03.05.2012 06:45 AM

March 5: your daily Robocon



  1. Michael says:

    Warren, an honest question. Do all parties engage in voter suppression, or is it just the federal Conservatives?

  2. Conservative Socialist says:

    If negative attacks are a form of voter suppression as the article states, then the “secret agenda” meme used against Conservatives is also a voter suppression technique. If everything in politics is considered voter suppression, then nothing is.

    I get the impression that more and more of the allegations are a lot of noise.

    There should be a clear distinction between legal campaign tactics (such as negative ads), and those that are defined in the Elections Act. There has been one verifiable recorded call where a robocall claims to come from Elections Canada. Let’s at least find out where that came from.

    • Sam Gunsch says:

      re voter suppression…getting clarity on what is and isn’t.

      Former EC CEO says impersonating another party during election is “illegal”.

      Listen at 1:40m of interview, Kingsley’s own words

      “Former chief electoral officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley discusses allegations of fraudulent and misleading calls during the last federal election.”

      Kingsley says that these kind of live calls made by callers pretending to be from another party during an election are subject to the same penalties as phone calls impersonating EC.

      I think he is categorical in his statement on this point.

      This Kingsley interview is almost a tutorial…CBC needs to do a transcript of this interview because Kingsley so succinctly summarizes a lot of the key issues.

    • William says:

      I think a lot of it is noise as you say but even if one is true, it’s still a crime.

  3. Steven says:

    …and according to Nanos, published today, Harper’s polls have not changed.

    Do we have mass ADD here?

    • Attack! says:

      Nice! Must drive the conbots crazy they can’t spam it with indignant conments: ‘but they’re _contacts_ not ‘complaints,’ sputter sputter.

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