03.02.2012 08:37 AM

Seven words that should make Con Robocons very, very nervous

“Daniel LeBlanc is trying to reach you.”


  1. smelter rat says:

    Maybe we need Bill C-30 after all. It would make tracking these clown-cons much easier.


  2. James Bow says:

    Can somebody confirm something with me, now?

    The Pierre’s Poutine restaurant in Guelph has nothing to do with “Pierre Poutine”, the brilliant idiot robocaller who thought that a fake name wouldn’t attract attention to his doings? These two are separate things, correct, and this restaurant in Guelph is getting a wealth of free advertising?

    Or is that place really the headquarters of this whole thing?

    • Derek Pearce says:

      Hmmmm, you may be on to something. “Poutine & Politics.” That’ll have to be the new title of CBC’s daily gabfest…

    • Pat says:

      It could just be a place where the perps hang out OR it is more likely across the street from where they hang out (a Subway and a small restaurant are across the street) OR it is a place that they walk by all the time…

    • Michael says:

      The owner of that establishment was on CTV News the other night. He claims no knowledge or involvement.

    • Gary says:

      My bet for HQ goes to the “Super Cyber World” Internet Cafe…three doors away.

  3. dave says:

    I am not that confident…a private investigator? Why not RCMP and Elections Canada?
    It also find it bothersome to hear this morn that the Conservative Party, not RCMP or Elections Canada, that is listening to the tapes in Thunder Bay.

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