03.29.2012 08:50 AM

SFH record release live!

Craaazy night, last night at the Bovine Sex Club, attended as it was by 100+ miscreants, and we sold out of records, too!  It was nutty, it was wacky, and the three “nurses” in spandex were a big hit. The pic on top was taken by our Daisy colleague Byrne Furlong – who, last time we saw her, was body surfing in the pit – and the one below was taken by another Daisy stalwart, Katherine Fidani, who ensured that everyone was using the right talking points.  Click on the photos to buy Why Do You Hate Me today!


  1. Michael says:

    When you say you sold out of records. Do you mean actual vinyl?

  2. bigcitylib says:

    Sorry to have missed it. I battling a nasty bug of some sort. But when you release your double live album, I’ll be there for that one. Make sure you play Free Bird.

  3. Unintelligentia says:

    For the record Warren, admit that punk rock was the best thing to come out of post-war UK socialism. Sick man of Europe, but they reinvented rock.

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