03.21.2012 08:28 AM

The beast, trapped

Earlier reports that the killer who has been terrorizing France was a neo-Nazi are apparently wrong.  Police have surrounded the alleged shooter, who is claiming al-Qaeda links.

If it’s him, I won’t cry if today is his last day on Earth.

Now, assorted far-Right pieces of human garbage are celebrating the fact that it looks like it’s al-Qaeda.  Some of them are commenting on this web site.

They’re celebrating because they’d prefer it wasn’t one of their own who committed these terrible crimes.  Like, you know, it recently has been.



  1. Geoffrey Laxton says:

    Interesting how we can’t differentiate the MO of a Neo-Nazi from Al-Queda.

    • WesternGrit says:

      Probably because they are both examples of extreme right-wing – often religious – extremists. Remember, those Al-Queda terrorists are the right wingers in their home countries. That’s how it works with xenophobic, right wing nutbars.

  2. Mulletaur says:

    The collective leaping to conclusions about the author of any given terrorist attack, with any given group blaming any other given group that they hate/fear, seems to be a feature of our brave new media world. It happened with the McVeigh bombing, it happened with Madrid train bombings, and it has happened now with these terrorist killings in Toulouse. It will no doubt happen again.

    Perhaps it would be better for everybody to base their opinions on confirmed facts rather than pole vaulting to conclusions based on partial information.

    • Warren says:

      You’re right. I’m guilty of that, too. Politics will do that to you.

    • The Doctor says:

      Very true and good post, Mulletaur.

    • Jim Hanna says:

      Don’t forget that guy from the Atlanta Olympics, the security guard that got raked for finding the bomb.

      The danger (and I’m as guilty of it too) is that it gives the Right a chance to play victim, and pretend their kind don’t do that sort of thing. They’ll use this as some evidence of media bias, instead of sloppy reporting piled on top of dumb opinions.

      Given that the first victims were soldiers apparetnly just back from Afghanistan, I’m looking back with my perfect 20/20 hindsight, and thinking, why wasn’t that a clue…but I digress. I ‘m not a professional journalist.

      Anyway, he threw away one gun, if this is the scum than I’d rather seehim go quick, than have a platform for his views…

      • John West says:

        The right doesn’t play the victim card that is the franchise and the hallmark of the left. EG … no on has been attacked more than Sarah Palin and she is standing tough. The peaceful and neat and tidy Tea Party has been vilified to death and yet no victim card has been played. The folks of the right have character and promote self-reliance and perseverance, hard work. Those are not the traits of victims. They are the traits of winners.

  3. sassy says:

    Now, assorted far-Right pieces of human garbage are celebrating the fact that it looks like it’s al-Qaeda – yet I can’t find any reference to those same far-Right pieces of human garbage talking about the American (Christian?) terrorist who is alleged to have killed children in Afghanistan last week.

    Wonder why?

  4. Bruce M says:

    I see events like this and cannot help but think of the misguided Israel-bashers who firmly believe Jews will be safe in a single-state solution without the IDF to protect them. The hatred required to slaughter children and their teacher, and to gleefully video the act for the like-minded audience, is in ready supply around the world and should shake the faith of the naive people who parade against Israel’s actions, but they seem unable to draw the connection.

  5. John West says:

    I can recall two major attacks from what may be called a right wing fascist … one was long ago … Tim McVey (executed) and the other more recent was a Norwegian twit whose name I cannot remember how to spell. Both appear to be mentally disturbed rather than simply acting on a religious or cultish belief or as part of a large group like say … the islamic jihad.

    I can, however, recall or rather, list (upon request) hundreds of Muslim attacks all around the world that are occurring daily and routinely. All of the very costly and wasteful airport security is because of countless muslim attacks, not Neo Nazi attacks. it is Iran who is trying build nuclear weapons to use on israel and the west, not the Neo Nazis whoever and where ever they may be.

    What we have nowadays that are called Neo Nazis are something similar to a street gang .. you know, like the Black Panthers or the Crips … not a global force at all. So forget about that will you. The big threat and our biggest enemies at this time is radical Islam.

  6. Chris says:

    The biggest clue this was a Muslim fanatic was the murders at the synagogue. When exactly was the last time “right-wingers” or “Neo-Nazis” shot up a synagogue?

    • The Gentile says:

      Kinsella and Farber would have you believe it’s the number one threat to Canadian Liberal society.

      • GPAlta says:

        I can’t believe I’m reading this. Are you two saying that Nazis are not a threat? That Nazis are not violent? Really? Why? What difference does it make to you? I must be reading this incorrectly.

  7. wallyj says:

    Your link to Norwegian nutbar Breviks implies that he is a right-wing fanatic. His ‘reason’ for HIS slaughter was that Norway was being overtaken by undesirables.

    Therefore accepting people you deem to be undesirable into your country would make you left-wing,

    I’m right-wing by your definition,and proud of it.

  8. wallyj says:

    I’ll follow with this;

    Breivik is labelled as a far-right nutbar because he slaughtered due to his belief that islam was undesirable in Norway. Many,like Warren,believe that Brevik only focused on the evil of islam,and overlooked the good.

    My thought is that those who only focus on the good of islam and overlook the bad are as dangerous as Breivik and should be labelled as far left nutjobs. The only difference between the Warrens of the world and the Breviks is that Warren’s crew isn’t pulling a trigger,they’re doing it by stealth..

    • Warren says:

      Gee, you sure are smart.

    • GPAlta says:

      Besides the insanity of this comment, crazies and non-crazies alike should note that Islam is not an individual. Would you make a comment like this about “women” or “natives” or “asians”? Islam is no less diverse and divided than any other broad category of humans, and it is impossible to make generalizations about its 1.57 billion faithful.

  9. wallyj says:

    Warren,and your argument to support that comment would be ……

    GPAlta ,islam isn’t an individual..Really !!!! Yes.I would make the statement substituting any group.
    It is possible to make generalizations,in fact when you are dealing with groups,that is the way to go. If you attribute the generalization to a specific individual,then you would be wrong.

    • GPAlta says:

      So you think that to say “those who only focus on the good of women and overlook the bad are as…” makes any sense?

      It is not possible to make generalizations about a group made up of over a BILLION people except to say that they are no more similar to or different from others within the group than they are to others outside of the group. Generalizing about Islam is the same as generalizing about humanity, because one in every 5 humans is muslim

  10. wallyj says:

    Those who only focus on the good of women,natives,Asians,low IQ people,etc. are as blind as those who only focus on the bad of women,natives,Asians,low IQ people. I cannot make it any simpler.

    Never mind.

    • smelter rat says:

      You need professional help. Please get it.

    • GPAlta says:

      The point is not whether people are focusing upon good or bad in equal measure; it is whether very large groups of people share any degree of goodness or badness or any other non-physical characteristics based on their group affiliation.

      There is no good or bad present in Islam that is not equally present outside of Islam because Islam is too large, diverse, and divided a group to describe it as if it acted as one entity. There is no good or bad present in women that is not equally present in men, etc. The bad in large groups is the same bad as in the rest of humanity.

    • pomojen says:

      No one is misunderstanding you Wally. You don’t need to put it another way or explain yourself. Everyone knows exactly what you are saying. They just don’t agree with any of it and think you are a little on the dim side.

  11. BillyHW says:

    Make no mistake Warren, it was your liberal political correctness that killed those Jewish children.

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