03.21.2012 09:25 AM

The Hot Nasties hit the big time!

So I get this email, name of sender redacted:

Mr. Kinsella,

Hello –

I am mailing you on behalf of the Audio-Visual Acquisitions section of Library and Archives Canada (formerly the National Library of Canada). We would very much like to have copies of both available Social Blemish Records releases (the SFH LP and Hot Nasties CD) for the national collection. Under the regulation of Legal Deposit, all publishers of publicly distributed or commercially sold Canadian-content books, sound and video-recordings and other media in Canada must submit copies to Library and Archives Canada. Once the recording is at the Library, it will be catalogued and preserved for future generations, and you will receive a receipt for your submission.

If possible, please e-mail me a mailing address (postal mail) for yourself or the label so that we may send you some information regarding the acquisitions process.

Thank you very much,
Dépôt légal – Audio-visuel | Legal Deposit – Audio-Visual
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada | Library and Archives Canada

One of my fellow lunatics in SFH must be pulling a prank, right? So I write this back:

From: Warren Kinsella [mailto:wkinsella@hotmail.com]
Sent: March-21-12 10:01 AM
Subject: RE: Acquiring Social Blemish Records releases for Library and Archives Canada

XXXX, seriously? You’re not pulling my leg, are you?

So he writes back:

Hi Warren,

No, I am not pulling your leg – although it’s not the first time I have been asked that! Library and Archives Canada collects all types of published (and unpublished material), with Canadian music being a big part of it. Legal deposit is the means by which we ensure that we are able to collect and preserve material published in Canada, and it has applied to sound recordings since 1969. You might be interested to know that we have a copy of the original Hot Nasties EP on 7” already in the collection.

I would be pleased to answer any other questions you might have, although you can also find out a little more about legal deposit and Library and Archives Canada as a whole on our website here: http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/legal-deposit/index-e.html

Dépôt légal – Audio-visuel | Legal Deposit – Audio-Visual
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada | Library and Archives Canada

Isn’t that a hoot? Snarly, nasty punk rock in the National Archives of Canada. That seems a bit odd to me, but what do I know.

Anyway, all of this Hot Nasties interest – 32 years after the fact – has reminded me that the good folks at Ugly Pop are re-issuing the Hot Nasties EP sometime soon. You can read all about it here.

And, if you want to experience how truly god-like we were, you can listen right here.  More than 14,000 listeners can’t be all wrong! (Well, actually, maybe they can be.)

I grow old, I grow old, etc.



  1. Jim Hanna says:

    That is just too awesome for words.

  2. Seeing CJSW’s studio wall and clock in the background of the cover photo, I can almost taste the stale cigarettes in the air, and feel the sow beetles scuttering across the carpet.

  3. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Hurry Mr. Kinsella……before the Harper cabal cuts the funding to Library and Archives Canada…..and/or a Harper minion rejects your music as the spawn of Satan……
    But aside from that….Congrats!

  4. Eddie says:

    this is great warren, you aren’t the first though, i’m pretty certain Leckie has provided Viletones material, and no doubt Joey has sent in the DOA stuff (and anything else on his label)

    I think it’s damn cool that the government maintains this (I’m equally certain if they had to buy a copy of each the conservatives would have shut it down 🙂 )

  5. Eddie says:

    Ill have to ask patsy if they ever sent in Shoeshine boy the curse single LOl

  6. Nasty Bob says:

    You need to take advantage of this surge in popularity – track down Wayne and Tom and do a cross Canada reunion tour of major parking lots !
    Or you could do like some of those early 60’s Mowtown acts and just license the name to 4 guys who sort of look like you to do the tour for you .

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