03.26.2012 10:26 AM

The rank hypocrisy of the Ontario PCs (and the Ontario NDs, too)

I haven’t said anything about the Ornge file, as I have a personal conflict of interest.  But the stinking hypocrites in the Ontario PCs and true NDP have finally persuaded me to make an exception.  As Ontario Liberal Government House Leader John Milloy just brilliantly pointed out in the Legislature, the deputy leader of the PCs, Christine Elliott, knew all about what was happening over there almost two years ago.  And she did zero, zippo, zilch.

Oh, except for lobbying for an Ornge base in her riding, that is.


  1. The Other Jim says:


  2. SF Thomas, Ottawa says:

    That is pretty sad on Christine Elliot’s part.

    I’ll confess I’m not happy about the ORNGE stuff either and someone was probably not too sober when they allowed provisions in the contract that let ORNGE escape provincial oversight. Even still given everything I’ve seen in the news, this doesn’t seem to me like an intentional bit of wrongdoing by the government as a whole. I do hope they figure out who besides Mazza was misusing funds though.

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