04.19.2012 09:39 AM

Bishop Carroll produces notable female graduates and one male dud

Allison Redford and Danielle Smith. You may have heard of them.

Feist. Has been in all the papers.

Hayley Wickenheiser? Also somewhat well-known.

Oh, and this idiot. He drove the school administration so crazy with his Leftist/punk rock antics, they refused to put his picture in the yearbook the year he graduated.


  1. Glen says:

    What song(s) did Moe Berg write that were adapted from yours? So many of his songs sound the same.

    Is this why you don’t like Moe?

  2. MississaugaLibPeter says:

    WK, you are not a dud! At least wikipedia doesn’t think so, you “Ignatieff Supporter”, you.


    Came in just when you left (Dana Murzyn was in my homeroom with Mr. Doyle), but did meet some of your punk groupies (red-haired Conan and his black-haired, sidekick girlfriend) who had me make Hot Nasties and Sturgeons buttons for them to sell.

    Oh the memories: checking in at school at 9, lunch from 11-1, checking out at 3. No classes to attend, just seminars and large groups whenever something interested you. Sneaking out to play Galaga and hoping they would not call a Spot Check! Oh yah, and spending endless hours in the testing centre looking over your answers until it was perfect.

  3. Richard Besserer says:

    Well, if the Wildrose pull it off, Warren, there is one consolation prize; you can say that your high school produced two premiers of Alberta in a row.

    Bishop Carroll must be doing something right.

  4. CQ says:

    A yearbook? My Toronto area public high school was financially responsible. So it never issued a yearbook during my student years. Unneccessary debt-era spending was wasteful.

  5. Nasty Bob says:

    You’re lucky you even got to graduate !

    Remember a certain school newspaper …. err… magazine who’s masthead had your name at, or near, the top?
    Remember a certain poster featuring an iconic photo lifted from Life magazine? The one with the Christ like looking streaker being held by a bunch of bobbys ( his privates covered by one cop’s hat) ? The one with the caption, semi lifted from National Lampoon ; ” Buy Prometheus or the bobby moves his hat? ”

    I recall us all being hauled into the principles office and being threatened with expulsion if “every single one isn’t off the school walls in the next 2 minutes ! ” Remember? That was about a month after they hauled you in there over some misunderstanding about what constituted “satire” and about a month before they hauled us back to that same office because we screened a few “R” rated movies to a bunch of 13 – 14 year olds?

    Now they got your mug hanging on the ” wall of fame” in the lobby with the rest of those above noted notables. Go figure?

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