04.23.2012 09:16 AM

Conservatives love Big Tobacco

This story, about the loathsome Bev Oda’s willingness to blow the equivalent of most Canadians’ monthly pay on herself, reminded me of this unforgettable photo:

Isn’t that gross?  What a great role model she is for our kids!

Now, how about this gem, about her fellow conservative, Danielle Smith: in it, Smith argues that tobacco is good for you. Next thing you know, she’ll be claiming that gays are going to burn in Hell, whites are better than non-whites, and Jews have a secret “kosher tax.”

Oh, wait.

“And so it goes. Back on Dec. 2, 2002, Smith used her Herald column to argue against regulation of second-hand smoke. On May 25, 2003, she marked the death of anti-tobacco activist Barb Tarbox by quoting a tobacco-industry-funded researcher to argue that second-hand smoke poses no risk. She went on, and I’m not making this up, “the evidence shows moderate cigarette consumption can reduce traditional risks of disease by 75 per cent or more.”


“Smith has worked for three well-known far-right organizations that have all shilled for the tobacco industry, helping their fight against legislation to control tobacco and smoking: the Fraser Institute, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, and the Canadian Property Rights Research Institute. At least two of them, the Fraser Institute and the CPRRI, received direct funding from the tobacco industry.“


  1. Steven Adamson says:

    Oh poor Bev. No love lost between her and I. I think she shows a great disrespect towards the Canadian people but not because she smokes. Smoking is an addiction. I doubt that Bev respects those around her when she smokes. I hope the media respects the fact that Bev has an addiction. Don’t focus on the cigarettes. Bev’s own actions over the years clearly give us enough ammunition to safely say that Bev is in politics for Bev. Bev without the cigarettes has left an Oda-ifferous trail behind her with her lies and contempt. It’s time to say bye bye Bev.

  2. Merrill Smith says:

    Of course smoking reduces your chances of getting diseases. The lung cancer and heart disease get you first.

  3. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Always thought she looked like yokuza…..wonder if she has any tats…..

    And Ms. Smith….something you should see…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4fzTdjqvt0 watch and learn…….

  4. Brine says:

    Bev Oda is definitely disgusting… she reminds me of that other harpy, Hedy “Crosses are burning as we speak” Fry. What a pair!

    • Tiem says:

      One of these women does not disgust like the other

      Oda smoking ^not reliable

      Fry Health critic , medically trained

  5. Geoffrey Laxton says:

    Sorry, I thought this was Roy Orbison for a moment… Sorry Roy..

  6. Steve T says:

    It is extremely unfortunate that the Danielle Smith column from 2003, regarding smoking, wasn’t more front-and-center in the current Alberta election. Surely even far-right conservatives would have some issue with this sort of ridiculous statement.

    Or was this in the news in Alberta, and just not covered nationally? (I am in Manitoba). If it was widely covered in Alberta, and if Smith still gets elected today, then that puts the blame on voters as much as Ms. Smith.

    As an aside – yes, Bev Oda is a loathsome piece of work.

  7. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    I understand this morning Ms. Oda has paid back the difference to the Canadian taxpayer for her upgrade to the swankier hotel……it does beg the question, however, if Ms Oda would have paid the money back if she hadnt got caught……I think not…..Cons…..they are all about saving taxpayers money, unless it impinges on themselves, or affects them or their cronies directly…..hypocrites all……..

  8. Iris Mclean says:

    What about the limo cost to shuffle her between the Savoy and the conference?
    Do they have smoking suites at the Savoy?

    • pomojen says:

      If you turn on the money hose, you can smoke in a daycare. Getting a smoking room with a view of the Thames requires such a hose.

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