04.18.2012 04:34 PM

I never thought I’d vote (Alberta) P.C.

Brought to my attention by Brian Lilley (of all people), on-air. This is brilliant Gen X political marketing.  Share it!


  1. que sera sera says:

    Holy sh!t!! Excellent video.

    Everything I need to know about Wild Rose has already been taught to me by Harper & his zombie pack of mostly muzzled Reformers.

    Best not pull a Rob Anders & sleep through your political obligations.

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

  2. catherine says:

    Why doesn’t that video include the NDP in the list of parties to vote for if they have a chance of winning in your riding? Or did I miss it?

  3. Lisa says:

    Brillant! I would vote PC if I lived in Alberta!

  4. bigcitylib says:

    Good ad. Wonder who is behind it.

  5. Bmarcille says:

    Where is the commentary regarding that Liberal bastion, Québec?

    I am born and bred Anglo-Québecer and it pains me to see the words Québec, corruption and Liberal all in the same sentance, AGAIN!

  6. Dan says:

    A plea for strategic voting.

    The last refuge for a political party on its way to the political wilderness.

    Wildrose will win.

  7. Tiger says:

    Well, it’s a good test of this sort of video — we’ll see if polls move in the last week, and which way.

    I tend to think the ad will faceplant, but we’ll see.

  8. Mark McCourt says:

    Yes, you naive Gen-Xers and assorted mushy-headed types, ignore the last dozen years of odious and hateful Alberta government and vote for the warm, cuddly, new & improved (just ask ‘em!) PROGRESSIVE Conservatives, thereby obliterating all Liberal and NDP opposition. Then recoil in horror after the election as the official opposition PCs merge with Danielle’s Wildrose government and rebrand as the monolithic CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF ALBERTA (a wholly owned subsidiary of Steve Harper Enterprises Inc.) — BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    Or you could give your heads a shake and visit http://www.changealberta.ca — vote for people who are actually good, man!

  9. lance says:

    “brilliant Gen X political marketing”

    You’re kidding, right?

  10. Conservative Socialist says:

    Vote PC: We promise to be gentle as we f*** you over!

    Oh well, I look forward to getting that $300 royalty check. Danielle Smith must have heeded the wise words of Abe Simpson:


  11. scamper says:

    Didn’t think it possible for a short political ad to insult every possible demographic. I was wrong. This is sheer desperation on the part of the progressive conservative party. Exceptionally poor strategy.

    The Wild Rose party will probably send a thank you note to the maker of the video after the election.

  12. Scott says:

    These people aren’t me. Are they? OMG I am so sad for my generation. I fit the demographic but I have never been so offended. Can’t explain why but this is creepy. I guess I prefer to be treated like an adult.

  13. Plain Speaker says:

    Calgary academic Duane Bratt is quoted on CBC:
    “Will Elections Alberta investigate #ineverthoughtIwouldvotePC? Looks like third party ad to me. How is this different from AMA ad?”
    Really? He sees no difference?
    1) Youtube videos involve no expenditure, they are not “paid advertisements”.
    2) The video was created by a collection of individual voters, the AMA ads came from a professional organization
    3) The persons in the video don’t stand to gain personally from any particular election outcome, AMA members do
    and most important of all,
    4) The youths in the video haven’t had a decades-long relationship with a convicted con-artist who stole almost $650,000 from taxpayer-funded health promotion funds, named Lloyd Carr. AMA members have.
    Bratt owes these kids an apology, in my opinion.

    • Tiger says:

      Isn’t it about time that we got third-party ad bans struck down as unconstitutional?

      It’s political speech, which ought to be at the heart of freedom of expression protections.

      If those crazy kids want to cut an ad, so be it. As long as they didn’t steal the money used to produce it, or have it coerced out of others (read: mandatory dues), it’s a-okay by me.

  14. DrD says:

    My big brother stopped trying to scare me with stories of the Bogeyman when I was six because he realized I’d outgrown it. I guess the makers of this ad struggle to wrap their heads around the fact that voters are adults. Oh wait, they’re appealing to liberal/dippers. Okay, now I understand.

  15. John West says:

    It is a sick constituency that would have you vote strategically to penalize one party only, rather than to pay attention to the platforms of all parties and vet the rep in your district then vote for the best that is offered to your district. You know … the way elections were intended.

    This is a form of discrimination that must considered bad because it asks you to NOT think for yourself, but rather vote by group-think so that more money can be wasted and fewer real jobs will be created.

    If you hate the idea of business …. remember, like you very heart, it pumps life blood into our economy. Without it, we are no better off than Cuba.

    Are you an individual with individual hopes and dreams, or are you merely a member of a collective where you as an individual mean almost nothing to the group …. after you have voted.

  16. Ben says:

    Well… that was the most bigoted piece of tripe I have ever seen in the campaign so far and we are all a little dumber for having watched it.

  17. Terry Newman says:

    Is that guy “white Latino”?

  18. Jack Lem says:

    This ad gives no other option … Wildrose gets the vote!

  19. JH says:

    Leger Marketing poll today says Wildrose could win 60 seats out of 87. Says they have 42% of the vote, PCs 36%, NDP 10%, Liberals 9%. Caveat according to Leger is that half the ridings have 10% or less margin of victory.
    Gonna be fun for us junkies!

  20. Ash says:


  21. peterj says:

    The video certainly proves that manners and respect have hit the garbage can. The can-do-no-wrong generation in action. Can hardly wait until their kids hit the streets to see how much lower we can go.

  22. the bear says:

    This video and the stereotype it projects is why I’M VOTING WILDROSE!

  23. Ryan Smith says:

    I call BS on this video.. I bet the conservatives are behinds this.

  24. Dale says:

    Isn’t this 3rd party campaigning that the NCC was told by the courts they could not do? Investigate now!

  25. Chandler says:

    They sound like teachers, they look like teachers.

  26. Brian says:

    The issue is not this video but the desperation which motivated it. Wild Rose is leading us back into the past and not the good part. Discrimination, fomentation of hatred, blurring the separation of church and state, privatized health care and climate change denial to list but a few of the practices we can look forward to under WR. Yet Danielle presents such a likeable and reasonable front; just like Ralph Klein she is luring Albertans into believing that all will be well under her lead. Just don’t get sick, be poor or be concerned about the environment. Oh, yes and who financed WR? Oil companies. Need I say more. No wonder gen-X is desperate.

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