04.20.2012 02:28 PM

Let’s make this simple for Jen Gerson and Stephen Taylor

1. All political parties attract their fair share of idiots and extremists.

2. It happens on both Right and Left.

3. When the media or the public bring idiocy/extremism in your ranks to your attention, you shouldn’t defend it.

4. You should condemn it and, when serious, kick the idiots/extremists out.

5. Danielle Smith doesn’t do that. She hasn’t done that.

6. That says something important about her, and her judgment.

7. Idiots and extremists come and go. Leaders don’t as much.

8. Get it?


  1. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    re. #6

    That may also say something about Wild Rose.

  2. Canadiansense says:

    What is idiotic or extreme about quotes or a pastoral blog comments being taken out of context have to do with the REAL issues in Alberta? The leader has spoken with the two candidates who are allowed to hold religious views that don’t fit in your narrow box.
    D. Smith like our PMSH has stated they will not legislate on those divisive social issues.

    • Jon Adams says:

      D. Smith has also stated they won’t hold whipped votes. If such-and-such MLA decides to introduce a Private Members Bill on such a “divisive social issue” that passes the house, then that is pretty much the definition of “legislating on divisive social issues.”

      Also, gays burning in a lake of fire: what context makes it acceptable to you?

    • GPAlta says:

      The comments on the pastoral blog were about destroying the public education system, which he is running for the authority to destroy; the context seems obvious. Plus I thought Gord was banned, but you sound a lot like him

    • Jason King says:

      “Our PMSH”? – Piles and Mounds of Shit on Hills?

      • Cynical says:

        Prime Minister Shit Head

        And yes, it is one of Gord’s favourite abbreviations. In fact, I have never seen anyone else use it.

    • smelter rat says:

      Is that you Canadiannonsense?

    • Shaun says:

      Aren’t you banned, Gord?

    • Nurie Jahangeer says:

      Canadiansense, why is it that one very rarely, if ever, sees a woman, visible minority, aboriginal, gay/lesbian, person
      of colour or a recent immigrant dismiss bigotry as being “they have a right to their views” and outrage against such
      bigotry as being “politically correct” or “overblown by the liberal/left media”?. In my experience, those who say such
      things are almost always Canadian born and bred, highly assimilated, unilingual, unhyphenated WHITE MALES.

      • Llokah says:

        Very well said, Nurie.

        Once this country becomes majority non-white, it will become a bastion of progressivism.

        Canadiansense should post his bullshit on Stormfront.

      • Philip says:

        Obsess about skin colour and ethnicity much?
        I’m not certain your comments are substantially different than the late, unlamented Mr. Tulk’s relentless observations on the colour of President Obama’s skin.

    • frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

      I have some swampland to sell you, cheap,…….

  3. patrick Deberg says:

    This is an example of what happens when you free the moonbats to bay at the moon. The uber right is slandering the right blaming them for calls that they themselves are making. But they are too dumb to realize that their own people are making them. I think the problem lies with the fact that some of these folks are convinced that they are doing the right thing but have people running their campaigns that are far more practical and cynical. You know the type, do anything to get the job done. So the bumpkins are short circuited by their own party mechanics. But the mechanics are too stupid to see the damage they are doing so onward goes the destruction. And the truly smart cons are left putting out fires that are springing up so fast they can’t see where the next ones are coming from. And the last effort of the “paid media consultants ” is to run these boards defending that which is out of control so all that is left is to call names and taunt the people who ask ” what the hell is going on? ” So the robocall ultimate liberal destruction machine is actually destroying the uber right because they are too stupid to turn it off when the heat mounts. I think it’s a good time to give the right wing parties hammers cause as of right now they will pound themselves into oblivion !!!

  4. Francesca says:

    I hope to God the voters in this province will make intelligent decisions on Monday. If the Wildrose Alliance gets elected, then I am moving to BC.

    • Llokah says:

      Wildrose gatherings look like white power rallies.

      If they win, this will be the first time that an openly white supremacist party gets elected.

      If only we had a progressive federal government who could outlaw and charge this incoming racist government with hate crimes.

  5. Sam Gunsch says:

    W.K. posts get right to the point on most of the key stuff in play…

    For more in-depth treatment on some key points, by a self-described libertarian, I found Paula Simons two columns this week quite helpful in understanding the current Flanagan protege’s con games:

    Simons finds:

    “sophistry”, “sleight-of-hand”, “upsidedown” moves in Smith’s views re appropriate responses to Hunsperger and Leech.

    … these two columns are worth reading in full and sharing over the weekend.

    Paul Simons…
    excerpt: On Monday, Smith declined to critique Hunsperger’s writings, saying she’ll work to protect Albertans with strong religious views from state persecution.

    “I’m not going to be the sort of politician who engages in discrimination against religious candidates,” she said.

    It’s amazing rhetorical sleight-of-hand, as Smith strives to depict Hunsperger as the victim of liberal intolerance. Let’s be clear. The issue isn’t Hunsperger’s constitutional right to his sacred beliefs. The issue is his public position that Edmonton schoolkids shouldn’t be protected from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and that public schools are wicked for trying to create safe, equal classrooms. He’s not the victim here. The victims are our community’s children, who deserve to go to school without fear, without being told by their aspiring MLA that they’re damned to eternal torment because of who they are.



    This isn’t about freedom of religion or freedom of conscience. It isn’t about freedom of speech.

    It’s about a party leader, and potential future premier, repeatedly condoning hateful, hurtful speech, excusing a candidate’s public, published attack on the civil rights of school children, under the guise of defending civil rights.

    In the upsidedown logic of the Wildrose, those of us who call for tolerance and inclusion are branded bigots and elitist, while those who advocate taking civil rights and legal protections away from gay Albertans are valourized as free speech heroes, and champions of conscience.



    …seems it could get a bit surreal for a few years here in Alberta as we try to make sense of this extra-strength version of Flanagan/Harper’s neo-con brand of Politics and the English Language.

  6. Mike in Calgary says:

    Hey Warren, you forgot:

    #8: Wild Rose will win a majority, &
    #9: CBC is horrible and will soon be completely privatized.

    • If you had to pick one plank, which part of the platform that is responsible for Wildrose’s popularity? Is it land ownership rights or social convervatism or something else?

    • Nurie Jahangeer says:

      Geez, do ya think Mike in Calgary is an American Republican-style Conservative Alpha White Male who hates things such as immigration, bilingualism, multiculturalism, Quebec, affirmative action, human rights commissions, progressive taxation, hate crimes laws, public transportation and public broadcasting?!.

      Tell us something Mike in Calgary, do you think a political party such as the Wildrose Party will be able to win many seats in the year 2031
      when Alberta is projected to be majority non-White, if by then, it is has a leader who defends the right of White supremacist to remain
      candidates for elected office?. How receptive will a majority non-White Alberta in the years and decades ahead be to the Wildrose Party’s
      barely disguised contempt for multiculturalism, multilingualism, dual citizenship, cosmopolitanism, globalism, ethno-cultural voting blocks,
      disapora politics, identity politics, hate crimes laws and human rights abuses. The days of large Angry White Males in Canada protesting
      against immigration, multiculturalism and multilingualism will thankfully be a distant memory. Furthermore, for all those Conservatives who
      insist that immigrants should just “act Canadian” and “speak only English”, keep stamping your feet and pouting as the reality is it will be
      your children, grandchildren and great-children who will most likely grow up with a working knowledge of Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Cantonese
      and/or Mandarin.

      Are you following the French Presidential election. The socialist candidate looks set to win, and most pollsters and analysis agree that
      it is France’s growing non-White population who will put him over the top. The same applies to Obama’s re-election in the USA this year.
      You see my friend, most of us visible minorities and immigrants really do not care for Conservatives, especially the Wildrose ilk. Mr Harper
      won us over last year precisely because instead of opposing past Liberal policies of mass immigration, multiculturalism, bilingualism,
      and taxpayer funding for ethno-cultural events, he did the intelligent thing, and embraced such policies himself. If Wildrose wins next week
      it will soon learn to adapt to the rapidly shifting demography in both Alberta and Canada, or it will not last long.

      If Ms Smith were smart she would think twice about abolishing the Alberta Human Rights Commission and seriously consider purging her
      party of all rednecks, white supremacist and neo-Nazis.

      PS: The CBC enjoys wide support among most of Canada’s visible minority, aboriginal, and Quebecois populations. Sorry, but its not only
      what a bunch of angry right-wing WASPs want anymore…

    • Jason King says:

      Dont forget #10 Mike in Calgary has bad taste in general

  7. bc says:

    Wow, worried much? I’m surprised that a federal Liberal is paying any attention to Alberta. Oh wait, that is the province that is single handidly supporting this country.

    • Shaun says:

      I wouldn’t say it is the province that is single ‘handidly’ [sic] that is supporting this country. You might be correct to say that if Albertans invented oil, but they didn’t. Also, with Albertans bending over and basically giving the oil to foreign interests, we have the US, France, China, Britain, Norway, Korea and Japan to thank much more than the Albertan workers with the lowest education rates in Canada. Try not to hog the credit there, BC.

    • Jason King says:

      Not leading in the world of spelling if your an example bc

  8. stan says:

    The liars in the liberal media are getting even more worried!
    Which means they will lie more.

    Does anyone with a working brain even listen to what they say anymore?

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