04.04.2012 03:49 PM

Macdonald v. Kinsella and CBC: the Supremes update!

We’ve won at every court level for more than a decade: we’ll see if we win at the high court, soon enough!


  1. Tiger says:

    So, Wikipedia says that this character sided with Gadhafi against Reagan in the 1980s?

    That’s a rather odd moral compass, no?

  2. James Bowie says:

    Is this really still going on? I thought he would have quit already.

    The article is very skinny. It does mention that the action was dismissed because the plaintiff took too long to bring his claim to court. It does not mention, however, that the trial judge went much further in her ruling, saying that the statements were deemonstrably true; moreover, even if they were not, Macdonald would only be entitled to nominal damages because of his already pitiful reputation.

    I don’t see any issues here for the Supreme Court, unless a bitter old man seeking to tell his friends that he is still suing to defend his pride is a legal issue.

    Also, inter alia, the Ottawa courtroom where this case was initially heard is the creepiest hearing of any kind I have ever visited. Note to Macdonald, if you have a case based on not being associated with the white supremacy movement, the skinheads in court are not helping your case.

  3. WestcoastJim says:

    DISMISSED WITH COSTS!!! Congrats Warren.

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