04.17.2012 02:44 PM

More Wildrose Bozone Layer eruptions!

Keep. Those cards and letters comin’, Wildrose faithful! This one from tpmaron@gmail.com:

“Wow warren, that’s quite the article in the sun today. Maybe should open your pants and check for a vagina, cause you sure know how to blow things out of proportion.”

And this gem, from “Gunter W” at safari4711@live.ca:

“Kinsella : Tested ,Tried ,unfit to report!                                        You are not a reporter ,but an opinion molder, no wonder newspaper
readers are disappearing ,like snow in the sun .If the people of Alberta vote for the Wildrose party ,I would call
this Democracy in action ,but you rather would like to see DEMONCRACY  Warren Kinsella style in typical ,hateful
action ,have a cigar ,hotdog .beer ,pancakes and some other stupid bribes . Those times are over ,people don’t
trust agitators and crooks any more ,reporters ,like banksters will come to their demise . Find yourself another
job , how about snakeoil seller ?”


  1. Michael says:

    I’m sorry I am missing the analogy. What does a vagina have to do with blowing things out of proportion?

    • MattMcD says:

      Apparently things operate much differently in that far off magical land called Alberta.

      • que sera sera says:

        Well, if they are using vaginas as blowers it might explain the chinooks ……………

        • Jon Adams says:

          I wanna take the high road but…

          It certainly would make for some interesting merchandising opportunities for tourists, especially considering much of downtown Calgary is filled with Freudian hubba-hubba.

  2. Joey Rapaport says:

    Like the Vagina crack LOL


    I am disgusted. I thought we were a civil society in Canada.

  4. Derek Pearce says:

    Complaining about “banksters” and he’s going to vote for Wildrose? What the eff? The little rant about cigars, hotdogs, beer and pancakes is golden though! Stream of consciousness poetry.

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