04.05.2012 09:21 AM

My name on a Supreme Court judgment! (updated)

Well, not really: I’m the “et al” they refer to, apparently.

But a win’s a win!  “Dismissed with costs,” and, per tradition, without reasons given. After 16 long years, the CBC and I have finally emerged victorious: former diplomat and far-Rightist Ian V. Macdonald, meanwhile, has lost.  Our thanks to the fine legal minds of Scott Hutchinson and Brennagh Smith at Stockwoods.  They kick ass.

Now, who’s going to buy me a celebratory drink?  It’s almost the end of Lent, and I can swill ale again!


UPDATE:  Ottawa Citizen story here.


  1. James Bow says:

    Congrats! So when do you see the “with costs” money?

  2. Lee says:

    Hehe I bet that pig of a PM wishes he stacked the Supreme court now lol

  3. kre8tv says:

    You and I are drinking Irish in your honour the next time you’re in town. Congrats, W. Keep fighting that good fight.

  4. James Bowie says:

    In the immortal words of Lord Brown, “I agree, and have nothing to add.”

  5. David Mader says:

    Warren, why did the trial court take so long to rule on what seems like a pretty threshold issue?

  6. In the system says:

    If it helps, I started celebrating last night, clearly in anticipation of the victory. I’m toasting you with Tylenol.

  7. sharonapple88 says:

    Congrats “et al.” 😀

  8. David Mader says:

    Ah, I see – the press account made it sound a bit like it had been decided on a motion directed at the pleadings. Thanks. And congrats!

  9. Nuklhd says:

    The Ottawa Citizen story: Calling Paul Frohm a “political activist” is like calling Caligula a “Roman politician”. Gawker had a nice insight into this (though they misspelled his name Fromm) here http://gawker.com/5898493/my-kasual-kountry-weekend-with-the-knights-of-the-ku-klux-klan – scary and sad at the same time.

  10. Harry Abrams says:

    Congratulations and good job, Warren!

  11. Nuklhd says:

    I potentially may have confused two people (not sure) – please check before posting Warren – I don’t want to compare anyone to Paul Fromm injudiciously.

  12. Greg says:

    Et al… Should we just call you “Al”?

  13. Clive says:

    Don’t agree with you about just about everything, but I do believe in your right to speak, so congratulations, a good result.

  14. MCBellecourt says:

    WK, if I were in your neck of the woods, I’d be the first to buy you a Black Horse Ale if they still make it. In my younger day, Black Horse was my favourite, and you wanna talk about a smoooooooooth-tasting ale, that was it.

    Congratulations to you and to the CBC!!! I’d love to have been the fly on the wall when Harper heard this news.

    *snicker* 16 Years??? Wow. Just….wow.

  15. Rob Burton says:

    Congratulations! Your courage is inspirational.

  16. Geoffrey Laxton says:

    Congratulations on the Supreme Court victory, but this must be said..

    “Free at last, free at last,” said New Brunswick MP John Williamson, paraphrasing the U.S. civil-rights leader, who was killed 44 years ago this week by a bullet from a long gun.

    “Free at last, free at last” on the demise of the long gun registry?!
    Seriously?! Are you people fucking nuts?!

    Tories: Canada’s ‘free at last, free at last’ from gun registry; Court: ‘not so fast’

  17. Riaz Khan says:

    Many congrats Mr. Kinsella…

  18. Rw says:

    Paul Frohm? Isn’t he the guy who promotes Adolph Hipster?

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