04.27.2012 02:27 PM

Twitmer of the day


  1. Freddie says:

    well the PCs will rewin the riding…..Ontarians are waking up to the Ad-Scam lite Dilton Mc Doily (thanks Earl) is doing to Ontario!

    • says the Wildrose believer.

    • James Bow says:

      Kitchener-Waterloo is a more left-leaning riding than those surrounding it. Moreso even than Kitchener Centre. The Greens once got 9% here, and the NDP once got 16%. Witmer herself, as respected as she is, did not take more than 50% since 1999.

      The danger for the Liberals in this riding is vote-splitting on the left, but this riding is very much in play for them, especially if they put forward a respected local candidate. Is Sean Strickland running?

    • TofKW says:

      I have posted elsewhere (Steve V’s blog) that I reside in Kitchener-Waterloo riding, am an old Red Tory, and did vote for Ms Witmer because she was one of the very few left in the Ontario legislature. I am not alone in Waterloo either. Hudak’s style of reactionary, GOPish, Tea Party conservatism is not very appealing to the older PC supporters here. You often enough hear phases like “there aren’t many left like Elizabeth Witmer or Ted Arnott anymore” when we talk politics.

      So regardless of what Freddie says, this riding is very much in play. If they don’t pick a moderate to run here, and if Hudak keeps acting like, well, Hudak – then expect a lot of us to stay home on election day.

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