04.08.2012 09:55 PM

Where’s Warren

This pic was taken by a Postmedia photog (I think) during Dwight Duncan’s budget speech. The Ontario PCs decided to vote against it before they read it; the Ontario NDP have said they’ll vote against it, and are acting like they haven’t read any of it either.

We don’t want an election, but we’ll sure as Hell be ready for it if and when it comes.

In the meantime, who can spot Your Humble Narrator?



  1. Joey Rapaport says:

    Hudak 4 PM! or at least Pierre’s protege…

  2. Doug Brown says:

    Ontario needs another election because the province needs a strong, stable, majority government to get us through these uncertain economic and political times. I am looking forward to another election this year.

  3. CanadaDave says:

    Public gallery, just to the right of the left pillar. What do I win?

    And yes, we’ll definitely be ready. I don’t especially want to go, but if we do… Bring it.

  4. Tiger says:

    You think we’re really going to the polls, Warren?

    Well, elections are fun.

  5. smelter rat says:

    You have a MIB thing happening. Dark suit coat, white shirt, tie, glasses…behind the lady with the grey jacket.

  6. Mike Foulds says:

    I think Dalton wants an election. I think he wants a majority and is forcing an election with his austerity budget to try and get one. He has effectively cut Hudak off at the knees by taking his budget position and making it his own. Hudak would have nothing of substance to fight the election over and of course the fact he is an idiot doesn’t help the PC’s. He leaves the NDP as his ideologic opposite by claiming the right of centre with this budget. And I don’t think Ontario has any taste for an NDP government. So he should win a majority this summer. Then next year he’ll magically produce a small surplus and call his budget a success.

  7. David_M says:

    Is that you with one of your boys lower level just left of the entrance?

  8. kenzo's says:

    say, I’m glad to see that George Smitherman has found his way back in to the Leg- as a door man. He always had the personality of a bouncer.

    Wait, I probably shouldn’t put bouncers down, like that.

  9. Warren, you must be a cherub painted on the ceiling. If you are not, I’ll turn you into a shrub.

  10. Jim Hanna says:

    5th person to the left of the clock, apparently in the middle row, white haired woman in back row to the right (your left) another woman in back row in front of the pillar to your right.

    I”m betting a critical mass of Horvath’s MLA’s don’t show up…

  11. Mike Foulds says:

    Wow. Just watched ndp latest spot with mulcair. Well done dippers, well done

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