04.17.2012 02:54 PM

Wildrose candidate says whites are better than non-whites (updated)

“As a Caucasian,” the Wildrose candidate suggests, he’s a better representative than, you know, one of those brown people.

No wonder Danielle Smith is ducking the media today.

One of the biggest freefalls I’ve seen since, well, Tea Party Tim Hudak’s in October. It’s amazing.


UPDATE: Far from denouncing her candidate’s comments, Danielle Smith has defended them. Straight from Sun Media: “Smith defended the comments and said she’s not concerned and each candidate puts forward their best argument for why they should be the person to represent the community.


  1. Michael S says:

    The difference between Ontario and Alberta is that outside of a few areas of Edmonton and Calgary that kind of talk gets at most a roll of the eyes not abject outrage.

    • Bryce says:

      Then you’ve clearly never been to Fort McMurray. It’s more than a little ironic that you’ve chosen to decry Leech by expressing some small-minded ignorance of your own, Michael S.

    • Doug says:

      Have you ever been to rural Ontario?

      • Philip says:

        This. I grew up in Oxford County and heard this stuff all the time. I couldn’t leave fast enough. There is a big, wide and beautiful world all around us, the people who revel in their closed minds chose not to experience it.

  2. larry elford says:

    Warren, thanks for your writing.

    A short look at politicians and corporations sleeping together while allowing your money to be stolen to pay for it…………..Alberta examples of your investment and tax dollars going to Goldman Sachs and others.

    The Alberta Government allows special laws for the rich, to help them take money away from the public. This is a Canada wide robbery, with a perfect Alberta example to illustrate.

    How to take one billion dollars of public money and “convert” it into private (banker) hands. It happens every day to your tax dollars, your investment dollars, your retirement. All your money is a free target when this aspect of government/banker corruption is allowed in your province. And it IS allowed.

    3 minute video with documents and examples


  3. Ted H says:

    Gee, what kind of real man has a pink rose as his logo. Those Alberta cowboys better look sideways at some of these candidates. Wasn’t Brokeback Mountain actually filmed in Alberta?
    (before I get scraped out, my tongue is firmly in my cheek)

  4. Sam Gunsch says:

    A commenter under that news article says this in reaction:
    This from the comments under that news article:

    “abpatriot 2:06 PM on 4/17/2012

    What he really meant to say was: WRA stands for White Republicans of Alberta.”

    This guy better watch out… he’s probably not the kind of ‘patriot’ WRose has in mind as it goes all in on that unAlbertans against us the poor widdle burn in lakes of fire diddum’s.

    Flanagan and the other Harperites may be taking names.


    Read more: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/life/Alberta+Election+2012+Calgary+based+Wildrose+candidate+attributes+electoral+edge+being/6473687/story.html#ixzz1sKXCIDx9

  5. Cynical says:

    Reminds me of the day we took my step-mother out to dinner at the local Boston Pizza (hey, it was Strathmore, and the only place in town that had both cold beer and a decent salad). It was our second visit, and I remarked that the wait staff seemed to be much better at their jobs than when we had been there before, not long after it opened.
    She said in reply something to the effect that yes, wasn’t it nice that they were all local kids, unlike in Calgary where they were all immigrants.
    She thought I’d said “white staff” rather than “wait staff”. And she was a life-long Liberal.

    Some things are eternal.

    Most of the people I know in Alberta now would be embarrassed by this kind of remark, to be fair.

  6. deb says:

    would it be wrong of me to say perhaps Alberta should secede?
    wow thats an amazing political campaign they have going at the moment.

  7. CM says:

    Amazing how they were able to transcribe what he said through the hood and all.

  8. que sera sera says:

    A bigot on the ballot is worth how many bigots in the bush?

  9. lance m says:

    I haven’t made up my mind who i am voting for but just to be fair it is said on all sides, see the PC candidate. He would represent better as he looks like the majority of the people in this riding??


  10. que sera sera says:

    The National Post is reporting the beating death in Halifax of a prominent gay activist.

    In light of the national media coverage on yet another Wildrose bigot’s pulpit-pounding-pastor-poison about gays, I suspect the Party Leader has been hiding in plain sight for quite some time.

  11. David_M says:

    Oh you have GOT to be kidding me!
    I cannot believe my own eyes! This MUST be a farce of some kind.

  12. G. Babbitt says:

    When did Caucasian become a religion? I’m pretty sure Islam and Sikhism are religions not races. I guess I should re-read “Stuff White People Like” since it must be some type of holy scripture.

  13. que sera sera says:

    I expect the WRP parable will be told as Snow White and the 82 Bigots.

  14. Michael Behiels says:

    I would bet that most of Smith’s WRA candidates are cut from the same racist fabric as this outspoken candidate.

    These White Christian nationalists think they have a God given right to rule over all the minorities because their values are superior.

    For over a century a large majority of Brtish Canadians, Protestant and Catholic, preached the need for Anglo conformity of all non-Anglos to the British Canadian society, the English language, culture and Christianity.

    Urban Alberta is now a cosmopolitan, multicultural community and these WRA Candidates and their supporters despise this reality. They want to impose their values and prejudices on all non-Anglos.

  15. Erin says:

    I believe in free speech and I would sacrifice my life for it. But in this case here it’s not free speech it’s pure hatred and bigotry. These sort of comment suggesting that whites are supposedly superior and have an advantage have no place in our multicultural society of Canada and have no place in the public or especially political form. This candidate should be charged with promoting hatred and forced to withdraw for the election.

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