05.22.2012 08:09 AM

Hot Nasties EP reissued!

After THIRTY-TWO YEARS – the Hot Nasties’ EP has been re-issued by Ugly Pop records!

We recorded it in a garage in Calgary in 1980, overseen by a couple of hippies who were absolutely mystified by these angst-riden teenagers who couldn’t sing or play. That’s me on the left, Sane Wayne Ahern to the right, then Ras Pierre Schenk, and (fittingly, under a burst of light, because he later became a monk) Just Plain Tom Edwards.  The pic was taken by Barrie Wright, R.I.P., outside the Calgarian Hotel one night.  None of us was ever stabbed to death there, but God knows many tried.

You can buy the EP, which has been amazingly re-created by the Ugly Pop guys, here.  The sound quality frankly blows me away.  Nice job on the line-by-line recreation of the sleeve and insert, too.

2012 is a year for punk! Hot Nasties re-issued, and SFH releases its concept album, Why Do You Hate Me?  Pick ’em up now, pick ’em up often!



  1. JamesHalifax says:

    Geez, Warren……

    Look at all that hair peeking out beneath the hat.

    Glory days……

  2. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    Saw this in the window of a record store in Markham Village. I thought it was an original and wondered how they got a hold of something like that. Also, dreading what they would ask for this rare disc, I fled…

  3. Massimo Savino says:

    Hey Warren,

    Not quite on topic, but close enough – was reminiscing the other day and got to wondering – did you know the guys in Slow out of Vancouver? Attended that legendary Expo86 gig where they imploded. Fun when yer 15 I guess.

    Good times. Wish they had made a bigger splash.

  4. Massimo Savino says:

    Also … looked at the FB link – maybe I’m missing something, where in TO can we pick these up?

  5. Chubsy Ubsy says:

    More hits than zits. Hahaha

    Looks like something from a Gong L.P.

  6. Simon says:

    Hey, Simon from Ugly Pop here. It was an honour to release this– one of my very favourite Canadian records ever! Glad you were happy with it, Warren. We made a new master from OG wax and the sleeve/insert were recreated by the entirely excellent Darrin Crosgrove. Locals, you can pick it up at Hits & Misses (799 Queen St West), Volume (588 Markham, just south of Bloor) or Rotate This (next to Hits & Misses). Elsewhere, mailorder is through our website (uglypop.bigcartel.com). If you like this, please check out our other Canadian reissues too.

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