05.03.2012 08:07 AM

I am more than cheesed off

…I am profoundly sad at the passing of James Marker.

Hawkins Cheezies are more than the greatest cheesie-type snack. They are the sine qua non of munchies. Out West, as a teenager in Calgary, slurpees and Hawkins Cheezies and, um, nothing illegal whatsoever made up a significant part of our regular nocturnal intake. There was nothing I loved better (and still don’t, ask my kids) than lounging after a punk gig with a Coke slurpee in one hand, and a bag of orangey delightfulness in the other.

I pay tribute to Mr. Marker today, and to all of his staff and his company. They have made my tour on this Earthly coil immeasurably better, and they have brought me to a higher plane of consciousness.

God bless you, Mr. Marker, and God bless Hawkin’s Cheezies.


  1. Steven Adamson says:

    God bless Mr. Marker. I too was an “out west” teenager and have wonderful memories of eating Cheezies. First some “nothing illegal whatsoever” then off to the corner store for a Coke Slurpee, 2 pepperoni sticks and a bag of Cheezies. First a bite of pepperoni then quickly stuff your mouth with Cheezies. Chew chew chew. Now wash it all down with the Slurpee. Let brain freeze pass. Repeat.

  2. Jane says:

    All of those things for under a dollar. But I’d go home and have mine with a lime Pop Shoppe soda. Cheezies were an orange staple in a bowl at every party.

  3. HarryR says:

    Out in the bush? Tanking it down and tinder wet? No worries – Cheezies make excellent fire starters. You can have your Cheezies and heat them, too!

  4. Kevin says:

    Colleague of mine is a big Cheezies fan. His sage advice “Never watch pr0n while eating Cheezies”. Almost choked on my coffee when I first heard that!

  5. jack says:

    Having toured the factory at one time, the Cheezie should be a source of pride for every canadian. Simple, quality and a family atmosphere. Some trivia for you….at that time (late 80’s) biggest markets were alberta and bc. factory in ontario because it was cheaper to be closer to the corn meal supplier. Shipping to markets was relatively inexpensive.

    no arrogance, no airs, just the friendliest factory you would ever see. some might even say….well…cheesy.

    i’m off to get a bag for old times sake……

  6. Greg from Calgary says:

    Now that’s a tribute!

  7. patrick Deberg says:

    With sadness I say I was a Humpty Dumpty Cheese stick man. But tonight as I took my boy swimming I was in a macs and lo and behold there were the Hawkins cheezies on 2 bags for 4 dollars. So as a fitting tribute to this loss being brought to my attention here my boy and I ate a bag each…………….

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