05.04.2012 12:34 PM

No SFH on his playlist

No SFH! Last time I’ll ever volunteer for this guy.


  1. Jon Powers says:

    The Cranberries and The Cult? You’ll never be able to convince me to vote for him now, Kinsella. BTW, I’m surprised you haven’t used this shocking tidbit of information to go after Hudak yet:


    You’re welcome.

  2. Warren says:

    Shitlist! I like that! Gonna use that, Les.

  3. student501 says:

    Has Warren provided Premier Dalton with SFH tracks ?

    You have to admit, you can’t find them at your local Starbucks and they aren’t played very often on the radio.

    Dude, you have to market them to be known 🙂 send him a copy of your latest and greatest.

    Ahead By A Century, The Tragically Hip (Kingston, ON) is a great tune (weird tuning, Open C)

    Hallelujah’s a great song, but i think the Jeff Buckley version is the best (his Telecaster pickup has a bell like quality which is perfect for this song):


    Artists….soooooooooooooo tempermental

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