05.01.2012 10:44 AM

Ontario PC MPP Rick Nicholls is a coward (updated)

Say what you said in the Leg outside, coward.  We dare you.

UPDATE:  She’s responded, here.


  1. Weston75 says:

    What did he say!? Google gives me nothing!

    • Warren says:

      If it’s libellous, do you think it’s a good idea to repeat the libel here?

      • Michael S says:

        That’s rather shitty. I’m surprised you didn’t slug him in the alley behind Queen’s Park.

        I suggest dusting off the 14 hole Doc Martens 1460. Those were the #1 stomping boot in the day. Lightweight, allows for lots of acceleration.

        • crf says:

          If you really want to read what this is about, you can search through the Hansard.

          Anyway, the issue is more of a personal thing.

  2. Rob C says:

    Maybe he’s jealous 😉

    But yes, despicable. This reminds me of those entertaining early days of Cheryl Gallant.

  3. CanadaDave says:

    I did like that Gilles objected to the comment. I’m not always his biggest fan, but that was a stand up thing to do.

  4. Michael says:

    Reminds me of Bob Runciman and his comments about Belinda Stronach. These mouth-breather PC’s have a terrible habit of treating women like the ornaments of men.

  5. Glen says:

    Wait a second…you’re a partisan??

  6. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Must be in the Conservatives’ genetic blueprint. Some of you oldtimers may recall the untoward and belittling remarks made by a former prominent federal PC Cabinet Minister from Atlantic Canada vis-à-vis Sheila Copps. This is in the same vein. Anywé, meilleurs voeux à toi et ta copine, Warren. The hell with what small people with constricted brains have to say…nobody listens to them nor gives a damn about their warped thought process if you can call it that. Smile…be happy!

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