05.06.2012 07:50 AM

Standard day at the lake

Jammed my finger under the cabin fixing a pipe, feels like it’s broken. Dog was lost for hours, Son Two inconsolate; she eventually returned. Blackflies are back with a vengeance.

But that moon was so big and close, last night, all of that was forgotten.


  1. super moon – super good

    dog, not skunked or porcupined or worse- super lucky

    finger, as long as one PET salute works – still in business

    blackfiles – hopeless

  2. Skinny Dipper says:

    “[F]eels like it’s broken.” You better fix that broken pipe.

    “Son Two inconsolate; she eventually returned.” You must be happy that your new daughter returned.

  3. Mr. Murdoch esq. says:

    I went under the cottage to do a little electrical work. We had a bunch of old black wiring and I was replacing some of it. I reached up and grabbed a section of the wiring to pull it out. I was surprised to have pulled on a Rat Snake-all 6 feet of it. They look a little like tar-black and grey.

    Anyway, needless to say I bashed my forehead on a joist as I sat up to scream.

    Everything is OK now though. My daughters have boyrfriends and I send them under the cottage. They of course are not aware of the possibilities. It builds character.

  4. Kre8tv says:

    As long as it wasn’t the middle finger you’ll be okay. For barre chords!

  5. Michael S says:

    Work gloves, WK. Never touch anything without them.

  6. Michael S says:


    Old European guy runs it. Master craftsman. He’s the Steve Jobs of cottage water. Really.
    Go talk to him on how to build a bulletproof setup that survives -40 and pretty well everything else including zombie attack. He’s in Toronto.
    Mine delivers bottled-water quality out of the lake, two stage filter and then UV into a pressure tank, and I’m off-grid. I had it tested and the lab thought I dropped off bottled water by mistake.

  7. Michael S says:

    You lads never did construction for a living:


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