05.14.2012 09:35 PM

This is weird

Sent by reader Scott, spotted in NYT on Sunday. He and I found this weird. You?



  1. Mark Morabito says:

    She only had so much room and had to leave out the part of being oppressed and denied opportunities….oh and ya the forced labor (no u on purpose) camps.
    ……i like MSNBC but always thought she was an idiot. Hannity of the left.

  2. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Strange indeed……Ive said it before on here, and I’ll say it again: warts and all……Canada is still the best place on Earth…..
    My parents had an opportunity to move to California in the fifties…both my paternal and maternal grandmothers originated from the States, so there was, and still is, a connection with our neighbour to the South. Dad’s uncle encouraged him to move, but thankfully my parents resisted the urge and stuck and stayed…..I like Americans, many of them are fine people…. I just wouldn’t want to be one……

  3. Monica says:

    Hmmm, things she wouldn’t have been able to do in Canada? Wow, I had no idea. How did that slip past me?

  4. Highly charged political environment in the U.S. and this piece is geared to U.S. voters and makes sense in that context.

    And who knows, maybe her Mom really wanted to be American by choice? It’s the sting that blinds us to what she is saying.

    One can argue with style or delivery but she’s no idiot, unless the definition of idiot now includes Rhodes scholars.

  5. Kevin T. says:

    I think she is talking about North Canada and not South Canada. Who wouldn’t want to escape free healthcare and gun control, sheesh.

  6. Eric Weiss says:

    She’s proud to be an American. Good for her. So what? Why is that a slight on us? Too many Canadians get caught up in the whole us vs them BS with the Americans. It’s embarrassing.

    • Chris says:

      I think the oddness comes from Canada seemingly being likened to a third world backwater with no opportunities.

      • Eric Weiss says:

        All she said is that her mother was from Canada, and that she (Rachel) should appreciate growing up in the US. It doesn’t say anything negative about Canada. The fact that people are reading more into it says more about their own hang ups than anything else.

        And even if it was meant to be a slight against Canada, who cares? Why should Rachel Maddow’s opinion mean anything to us?

  7. Tom says:

    I am Canadian-by-choice and am forever grateful this country allowed my husband and I to be together here. I am shocked a fellow gay USian would use Canada as a negative comparison. She’s usually very bright….she went very dim on this one.

  8. Tired of it All says:

    Not so weird. Maddow is American. Canada is the place Mom came from. Consider the context: Maddow is a deeply progressive voice surrounded by dreck and unreason. Maybe she owes all this to her Canadian mother. It’s not clear why Mom bolted, it also doesn’t matter. The US still stands for a great deal that is good about the world. If you are ever in a room full of American Progressives, you realize the chasm between their vision and how US politics is no avenue for it. After all, Warren, you are in a pic next to Begala. Those guys get it/got it.

    • Eric Weiss says:

      Who says her mom bolted? Maybe she just ended up there and fell in love with the place, and she tought her daughter to be proud of her country. I don’t see the big deal.

  9. Michael S says:


    She’s laying the patriotic progressive grounds for a future political run. This is what you do when you’re not just visiting.

  10. Robert Jago says:

    Her mom left Newfoundland in the 70’s. To California. I know it’s cool and all that to pretend that every place in this country is brilliant, but come on – in all honesty, going from a north Atlantic backwater to a place where things happen and where you can be somebody is an improvement.

  11. JamesHalifax says:

    I’m a Conservative too, but apparently the Conservative Jago (if, as according to Warren, he is) hasn’t actually been to Newfoundland. True, the folks there have a generational habit of collecting EI, but the work there is for the most part seasonal. Now that their oil development is underway, they are doing much better. Remember, Newfoundland has been screwed by Quebec for over a generation for their power developments….and it’s not all their fault. (note: you will find thousands of Newfoundlanders working the oil fields…and it’s hard work)

    Newf’s (and I say that with affection) are amongst the most sturdy, yet kind stock you will find. If you had a choice between a party with a bunch of David Miller’s Toronto crowd, or a bunch of folks from the ROCK……go with the Newf’s. More fun, more drinking, and no pretensions.

  12. Robert Jago says:

    “The most sturdy, yet kind stock you will find” well then, that puts me in my place. Stock? Good gods.

    I don’t hate Newfoundland. The only province I could possibly hate is Saskatchewan. They know why. But you’re right, I’ve not been to Newfoundland. Nearly every province but. I’ve never had cause. And if it’s for fun, for the same money it would cost to go to Newfoundland, I could go to Brazil. In all honesty, would that actually be a difficult choice for you to make?

    I lived abroad for years, and I totally understand where she’s coming from. I’d assumed that was self evident, but maybe if you’re a homebody you can’t see it. Maybe that helps explain why the Tories were so successful with the ‘Just Visiting’ thing.

  13. JamesHalifax says:

    Why do you hate Saskatchewan?

    They’ve overcome their addiction to the NDP and elected someone who isn’t a financially illiterate marxist. Maybe it’s time for another visit.

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