05.13.2012 09:12 PM

Two Chretien guys sandwich a Clinton guy

20120513-221226.jpgChretien legend Randy McCauley, Clinton legend Paul Begala, and legendary failure Whatsisname.


  1. Philippe says:

    Any insider prediction on Obama’s upcoming margin of victory?

  2. Cynical says:

    I love it. More evidence of the Great International Centrist Conspiracy!

  3. Chris P says:

    Excellent the Liberal War Room for 2015 is now in place. And Warren not participating is NOT I repeat NOT an option – Let the work begin 🙂

  4. Riley Hennessey says:

    Woah. Super cool photo. I loved “The War Room” documentary on Clinton’s campaign and am a huge fan of Kinsella too. Would have been pretty neat to sit in on their conversation!

  5. JamesHalifax says:

    Geez, Warren…..you pictures of late are of pretty poor quality. Taken with goofly looks on your face, or in this case, looking like you all have a case of poison ivy.

    Get a better camera….stop using your phone.

  6. JamesHalifax says:

    Just trying to help………one follically challenged guy to the next..

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