06.03.2012 09:07 PM

Blazing Fat Cur: we can’t be bought, but we can be rented

Oh, look! One of Canada’s leading white supremacist bloggers is accepting advertising from unexpected quarters! How very multicultural of Mr. Shaidle!


  1. Harith says:

    An unfortunate (for him) but hilarious (for us) case of Google AdSense picking up on all his use of keywords like “muslim.” 🙂

  2. Peter Mumford says:

    That’s one of the pitfalls of bulk media buying for an internet advertising campaign – the portfolio of websites can be pretty big, and your ad might end up in unexpected places.

  3. JamesHalifax says:

    It’s actually bad for this particular advertiser. I don’t think many muslim extremist visit that site. That site ususally points out the dangers of muslim extremism with examples gleaned from around the world.

    Irony…meet the Web.

    • Warren says:

      Muslim extremism? That piece of human garbage attacks all Muslims, moderate or not. He’s the leading Muslim-hater in Canada.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        Warren…you are forgetting about his wife.

        Not that agree with you, but I think 5 Feet is a better example.

        How do you feel knowing that that is one of the blogs on SUNTV’s blogroll?

  4. JamesHalifax says:

    My apologies, Warren….

    The BCF Moderate muslim’s whacked off the head of a young Christian who wouldn’t renounce his beliefs….

    The head whacker, was a Moderate muslim in Europe.

    So many moderate’s whacking heads these days…I’m losing track.

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