06.06.2012 06:37 AM

Blocked! Messrs. Wicary, Murray and McLeod are idiots, a continuing series

The Globe’s Stephen Wicary and the Post’s Steve Murray have blocked me on Twitter, presumably because I had the temerity to object to the fact that they were joking online about Jun Lin’s death.  (The Chronicle-Herald’s Paul McLeod, another MSM jerk who defended making light of Magnotta’s crime, hasn’t, yet, but the day is still young.)

I’ve returned the favour, and blocked them, too.  But they still read (and re-read) what I’ve had to say about them on this web site.  As such, I ask this trio of addled donkeys: Wicary’s employer has published extensively, already, about the Vancouver developments.  So, too, Murray’s.  Also McLeod’s.

So when are you fellows going to continue to make jokes about it?

We’re waiting.




  1. Doug says:

    WK, I like it when you’re fired up about something that transcends partisan politics. I don’t know of many people in the public eye who engage this passionately when they have nothing to gain.

    I don’t fully agree with you on the issue. I think it shows pretty poor judgement to publicly engage in ghoulish joking at a time like this, but I also think people react differently to tragedy and I’d rather see people’s true (if ugly) reactions than empty piety.

  2. George says:

    Did nt. You post jokes before the victim was identified much to my surprise?

  3. Kelly (@Usual5uspect) says:

    Were the victim and his family Canadian would they be making these sick jokes on Twitter? I think not.

  4. Sean says:

    “So when are you fellows going to continue to make jokes about it?”

    hah – well done

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