06.19.2012 01:25 AM

In Sunday’s Sun: no one likes a phony

WINLAW, B.C. — Here in British Columbia’s Slocan Valley, a 10-hour drive east of Vancouver, a useful lesson in political authenticity.

At Sissies diner on the main drag — where dusty pickups fill the lot, the Doors and Bob Seger are playing inside and the food is pretty amazing — nobody seems to be fretting about the ultimate fate of B.C. Liberal Premier Christy Clark.

“She’s as good as gone,” says one former Liberal voter. Ask why, she doesn’t hesitate. “She’s a phony.”

Authenticity is the most prized commodity in politics, even in Winlaw, where cellphones don’t work and no one seems to care so much. Clark — who was always a card-carrying federal Liberal, and even worked for a cabinet minister in Jean Chretien’s government — has tried for months to persuade everyone she isn’t at all what she used to be.

Now, Clark didn’t issue a press release claiming to be a born-again conservative, but she may as well have. In the months following her leadership win, Clark laboured energetically to look and sound like a hard-right conservative.


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    Patrick Deberg says:

    Hey Warren!

    Check out the Ottawa Sun editorial this morning. I think they really really don’t like you!
    Except in the comic sense!

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    WDM says:

    For what it’s worth, authenticity in policy matters too. For better or worse, the federal NDP have it, and the Conservatives have it. No matter who the new leader is, until the Liberals get it, they’re stuck in the mud.

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      Dan says:

      Agreed. I think authenticity is so important that Harper actually earned a lot of support in spite of his views. That being said, there’s been enough scandal to throw that all into question.

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        dillon says:

        There hasnt been 1 scandal. You disagree with his policy and dont have anything to propose as an alternative so you rail on about openness transparency etc. NDP have some policies. They also have a leader. You don”t

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          frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

          Well voter suppression by disingenuous robocalling seems pretty scandalous in my book….For a party that used to rail on about openness and transparency in govt when in opposition, the govt of “Dear Leader” has been a big disappointment to a lot of folk, including I would reckon more than a few Reformers…..but its hard to voice an opinion when your mouth has been duct taped…..

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          que sera sera says:

          @ dillon: “There hasn’t been 1 scandal.”

          You are entirely correct. I quit counting after fifteen scandals but I know others are keeping better tabs than I.

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    Robbie says:

    I saw this coming way back in November of 2010, when she first started musing about the leadership on her radio show. I cannot say that I am at all surprised that she is where she is today. What surprises me, though, is why it has taken so long for otherwise intelligent and astute political observers to catch on to her chicanery. Where is all the coronation pomp and ceremony now? Where are the BC and other media cheerleaders who championed her every move to the Premier’s chair?

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    frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    I used to cringe every time Michael Ignatieff used “gonna” in his speeches…….mind you, he could have subbed a Molson’s when pictured watching the hockey game at home…..somehow the glass of red wine just didnt quite work……

    At any rate, Im rather glad now I voted for George Abbott…..what you saw was what you got…..plain, but honest and forthright……

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    deb says:

    Christy Clarke is who she always was…a BC liberal…which is not the same as an Albertan or Ontarian or Quebec Liberal. There is a regional difference here that many outside of BC may not get. The liberal party of bc has been more right-winged than other parts of canada…the NDP are left and this is because the libs were taken over by the Socreds many many decades ago during Vanderzalms fall from grace. The political landscape in BC is a bit weird.
    Christy is exactly who she says…a BC lib…she was never anything else…and that means the party that stands for Big Business and the wealthy elite, and Harper is trying to lend her a hand to hope that she will be re-elected. She is dogged by bad press for a variety of reasons and she may be fake…but its her lying too that will be her downfall. John Cummins the conservative leader will have nothing to do with a merger as he knows the libs, their party and their leader are finished and their brand is tainted. Why join the losers when you know it only means you are sure to fail. John Cummins may have some things in common with Christie Clarke ideologically speaking but he would never admit it because it would be political suicide.

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    Michael Behiels says:

    As authentic as a 3 dollar Canadian bill.

    Christy Clark’s attempt to become a born again Harper Reformatory made BC Liberals furious.

    She looked rather foolish but remains unaware of e consequences of her questionable actions.

    She will be sent packing by BCcoters and then she will show up in Ottawa for one of PM Harper 5000 patronage positions.

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    Cameron Prymak says:

    Yes, yes, yes.

    Look at how difficult Romney’s hard right makeover is starting to affect their ability to campaign on Dream Act, more stimulus for hiring back teachers/firefighters/police and yet to come, a discussion on Obamacare.

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    JamesHalifax says:

    On another note……

    Who else would like to see Warren return to the SUNTV and have a “chat” with Glenn Beck when Lilley begins the interview?

    Man…that would be cool.

    (Warren, I recommend you bring a whiteboard and dry erase marker)

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