06.26.2012 06:28 AM

Justin’ pollin’


I’ll be on David Akin’s show tonight to discuss this stuff.

Sure wish it was 2014, and not 2012. We could win the damned election!


  1. Michael says:

    How is his support distributed? Because I doubt there would be much out west, and according to Lysiane Gagnon, there isn’t much in Quebec. Is it all concentrate in Ontario?


    • james curran says:

      Buddy, even out west (especially BC) he is a rock star.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        Oh geez…man crush much james curran?

        He’s a “rock star” with no real talents, no real accomplishments under his belt, and no ideas to speak of.

        Yep…he’s a rock star alright….

        compared to other liberals.

        • que sera sera says:

          “Oh geez…man crush much james curran?”

          Says JamesHalifax, the one man Harper cheering section – ad nauseum, ad infinitum – oblivious to the irony as he horks up another Conservative hairball right on schedule.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Sorry, Que sera sera…….

            I don’t agree with everything Harper is doing, or wanted to do, but neither did I agree with everything Chretien and the LIberals wanted to do.

            I just happen to agree more with what Harper proposes, than what today’s Liberals propose (which by the way, still remains a mystery)

        • Tim Sullivan says:

          What talent did Harper bring? He has a masters in economics and a yet-to-be published book, the endorsement of the National Citizens Coalition (he was a member of a coalition? Who knew?) No real work experience.

          He was on Reach for the Top for his high school in Toronto. That’s something.

          I like how close he is to his children. He gives the warmest handshakes.

      • Michael says:

        Dude, I think he would have a hard time attracting flies in Alberta. 😉

  2. Dan says:

    You can’t have it both ways: calling polls junk science when they cut against you, and citing them when they favor you. But I always try to take the middle view: that polls show some vague trends and potential movement.

    There’s no denial that the Trudeau name draws some attention and brings back some nostalgia. (One breakdown I saw showed that his biggest jump in support is among boomers, not so much young people.)

    The question is whether he’s able to capitalize on it and solidify that support.

    A lot can happen before Trudeau even gets nominated, and that’s assuming he does. Every dumb thing he’s ever said will come out in the leadership race. Remember when he said his solution to Harper was “maybe I would think of wanting to make Quebec a country?” And that’s leaving the possibility open for him to put his foot in his mouth again.

    The main problem with Trudeau, IMO, isn’t even the potential for negatives. It’s the lack of substantive positives. The top question that people will want to know is “what made you decide to get into politics? what did you want to accomplish?” And in the absence of any compelling battle or issue, (boxing matches aside,) people are going to say “because the insiders asked him to. Because of his dad.”

    I’d vote for the ghost of Pierre Trudeau. The son of Pierre Trudeau? I have zero faith in.

    But hey, give it a shot. It can’t get much worse for the Liberals.

    • Kevin T. says:

      “what made you decide to get into politics? what did you want to accomplish?”

      I am willing to bet his answer is far better than Harper’s “I hate Canada and its values, and I don’t want any decent Canadian to recognize it when I am done.”

      • Dan says:

        I hate Harper. But he had a reason for getting into politics. And that commitment — more than the reason itself — is why he’s Prime Minister. The Liberals have been a perfect foil for that, a sort of “I can’t point to any guiding principle, but the other guy is worse” approach to politics. So when Michael Ignatieff said “rise up!”, all the voters went to the NDP.

        • Kevin T. says:

          Good or bad, as long as he has a reason, everything is alright? He’s never had a real job in his life and is a an angry bully who seems angry that no ones likes an angry bully so he’ll show them.
          His commitment to attack, smear, lie and demean beyond reason or decency is why he is PM; power justifies anything. His reason for getting into politics is to attack and destroy those he hates and bully those who don’t agree with his principle-less principles. It will take years to fix the harm and damage he is doing to Canada. Harper’s majority is the worse thing to happen to Canada.
          The Liberals shit the bed years ago and a wet fart like Ignatieff was not going to clean up that mess. The voters voted for Jack because he actually seemed genuine and likeable, as a person and a politician, not because of some ideological wake-up call.

          • Dan says:

            Liberals have always underestimated Harper. It’s not surprising that he got his majority. And it’s not surprising that you still don’t get why.

          • Kevin T. says:

            Cons have always underestimated Trudeau, père and fils. It would be quite fitting for Canada’s savior, and it is in dire need of a savior right now, to be the rightwingers’ most hated opponent’s son.
            When you’re done genuflecting to Harper, don’t be so surprised that the Con castle has crumbled, as all empires eventually do.

          • Dan says:

            Harper’s castle IS crumbling, because the (few / imagined) virtues he brought to the game are no longer valid.

            I just wouldn’t assume that Justin Trudeau could capitalize on it. Thomas Mulcair has a pretty credible raison d’etre for his political career, and he’s reinforcing it every day he serves as leader of the opposition.

        • JamesHalifax says:

          Close Dan,

          Harper got into politics to UNDUE the damage the Liberals had done. He didn’t get into power for power’s sake..that’s a LIberal trait.

          He got into politics because he wants to make changes, and he’s accomplished much of it already.

          Harper didn’t hate Canada’s values….he hated the phoney values the Liberals espoused under the assumption that all Canadians felt the same way as a Liberal. Apparently….your side was wrong.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Easy Terrance…….but it’s not just what the Liberals did…it’s also what they didn’t do, and what they wanted to do.

            What they did:
            -Pierre Trudeau – Once elected Trudeau took Canada’s national Debt (not deficit) and multiplied it by a factor of 50 in very short order. Of course, this was mainly due to the need to work with the NDP.
            -Chronic neglect of Canada’s military
            -Enacting programs, or not getting rid of programs that were/are a vast waste of money (too many to list)
            Canada Wheat Board…..Court Challenges Program…….National Daycare Strategy….Kyoto….Kelowna……failure to reform the refugee/immigration system……corruption (mostly Quebec of course)……NEP…….failure to recognize the importance of the West…..taking a pansified view of International Affairs as they wanted Canada to be a boy Scout. (Think relations with Israel during the Liberal Era…as compared to today)…..failure to crack down on the terrorism threat because they were afraid of losing votes in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver…etc..etc…

            It’s a long list Terry…..

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            James, do you have anything from this century? The debt you hated was being paid back by a Liberal government’s handy-work, and now it is being built back up with a Conservative government’s ineptness.

            Whatever “chronic” complaint you have of the military’s treatment under the Liberals, Canada since Pearson was a beacon of hope and help.

            The Liberals reformed government during the 90’s. Don’t tell John Manley that the government kept programs it should not have kept.

            Farmers liked the Canada Wheat Board and voted to keep it.

            Whatever your narrow-minded regressive ideology has about challenging government to stay current and up-to-date with the Charter, I still don’t know why the Court Challenges Program was axed.

            It is a badge of shame for Liberals that the National Daycare Strategy was not implimented. Thanks, though for the $100 a month for daycare. It has created not one space.

            Kyoto, a shame we did not pursue it. It was an international commitment. Kelowna Accord was the one great thing Martin did. You don’t like the policy, fine, but the people whose lives and circumstances were going to be improved by it, liked it. How is the housing on reserves going with the new guy?

            The NEP? Seriously? Those Albertans are like the Irish, not forgetting a thing. That was, when, in the 70’s, when we had a global energy crisis?

            Whatever homophobic position you take on international affairs, the Liberals were able to get our ass onto a Security Council seat every time we asked. Canada continually punched above its weight. Now?

            And terrorism has been such a blight, with Liberals handing out guns like they did.

            YOU FORGOT TO MENTION THE POOL!! THE POOL FOR CHRISSAKE!! PET’S POOL (not to be confused with the fake lake).

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            This is written much better than I could have done. I like the part that Trudeau is in the game for the good of others, while Harper is so insecure he has to spend our tax dollars to rename the government after himself.


          • JamesHalifax says:

            Tim, as usual you present the picture of someone who demands that nothing ever change, and that other people pay for your pet projects even though most do not support them.

            Wheat Board – an egregious suppression of inidvidual rights. While it’s true that some farmers supported the Wheat Board, it is also true that many did not. Personally, I don’t care what the farmers supporting the Wheat Board believed….if even a single farmer didn’t want to be a prisoner to the Wheat Board..that is enough reason for me to get rid of it. No one has the right to tell anyone what to do with the fruit of their own, LEGAL labour. You will notice the Liberals only wanted to keep WESTERN farmers prisoner to the wheat Board? Frankly, if the CWB was all that it was supposed to be, the Liberals and NDP should have been demanding that ALL farmers be subject to it. It’s not a fluke that only farmers in areas that don’t vote Liberal would be required to stay in it.

            Court Challenges Program: Just a way for activists and identity groups to use tax payer funded legal services to change laws passed by people we elected. Why go to the bother of actually voting….if you can get the courts and judges to do the work for you?

            Free (not really) Daycare: See Quebec…..nuff said.

            Kyoto: Sham of a program that has resulted in the theft of billions of dollars through subsidies to companies that cannot make it on their own. Kyoto did nothing, could do nothing, and would have done nothing to reduce green house gases…..assuming one believes in man made global warming in the first place. But it did make Al Gore rich…and brought a lot of money to the Suzuki foundation.

            NEP….that was a fiasco. What albertans are worried about now…is NEP 2 under mulcair, or the Green shift under the LIberals.

            The Liberals were able to get Canada on the Security council for a very simple reason….they didn’t stand to defend the only free and democratic region in the country. By the way Timmay….look who makes up the Security council. I’d rather not be associated with them in any event.

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            The law was to get the consent of the governed. The Wheat Board was to be run by the producers, and dismantled by them if they decided so.

            Quebec daycare appears to be a success story. At least in part, it permits parents to go out and work, pay more taxes than the daycare eats up (there there is social value in working and for some regulated early childhood education) and permits single parents to work, set an example and produce.

            We elect MPs to pass laws which are consistent with the constitution. The court challenges program contributed to the dialogue between the courts and parliament to improve our laws and our system of governance. Access to justice and democratic development, in some minds, is a good thing.

            “… they didn’t stand to defend the only free and democratic region in the country …” I have no fucking idea what region, what country, or what the hell you are saying with this. Suffice it to say, Canada sought out the seat and it is sour grapes for you to say we don’t want to belong to a club like that because there are bad people in it.

            I’m not sure whatever NEP2 is (because there is no such thing). The NEP was about subsidizing energy for domestic consumption. The Green shift was about pricing carbon so that the market would encourage reduced use. Whatever the solution to global warming is, it will likely have to involve a reduction of GHGs, and most economists would say that an increased price will reduce demand, so an increased price for carbon will reduce use. We have an “economist” at 24 Sussex now, so I’m sure he understands that. The problem is, he doesn’t accept the science of global warming. I remember hearing him say “so-called green house gases …”

            I’m sure there are a few good buying opportunities, too.

    • Tiger says:

      Of course you can have it both ways — this isn’t a neutral site! :p

    • JamesHalifax says:

      Hey Dan….I can tell you Trudeau’s postiives.

      1. He’s NOT Bob Rae
      2. He’s NOT Iggy
      3. He’s not Dion….

      In fact, he has nothing in common with any of those men. They were all well-educated, accomplished in their own right, and capable of forming a sentence that wasn’t written for them.

      But he does have nice hair.

      • Dude Love says:

        I thought Ignatieff was to be the savior of the Liberal Party, all intellectual and Harvard groomed. Now it is some guy with nice hair and a drama teacher?

  3. Philippe says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  4. MoeL says:

    I know this is totally off topic, but I think it needs to be discussed! Maybe you could bring it up tonight.

    Is it just me, but where the hell have our political leaders (federal and provincial) been the last couple of days! There’s a disaster happening in Elliot lake and in my opinion, your MIA. You should have been there, and called in help from other countries that routinely deal with earthquakes and people trapped inside collapsed buildings. If this the best we can do, GOD help us if we ever have a real earthquake disaster to deal with. I hear Harper has called in the army. Lot of good that will do. We need disaster recovery experts, not the freekin army. Is that your answer to everything? Needless to say I’m frustrated and VERY disappointed at our lack of an effective response! I suspect I’m not alone and that there will political repercussion when this is over.

    • billg says:

      If there is political repercussions over this then your all whack jobs.
      What exactly did you want the Premier to do? What exactly did you want to PM to do? The Premier has to be asked for help, he wasnt until he urged local police, firefighters and Rescue personel to get going, and, good for him for doing so. The PM doesnt order the Military or Rescue Teams without the Premier asking. This tragedy was local, no one clearly knew what to do, its now urgent and both Provincial and Federal govts are helping. How exactly does running around trying to yell at someone that they are to blame help?

      • smelter rat says:

        Uh huh. Protocols…they’ll be the death of us all eventually.

        • billg says:

          Yes because, running into situations with little to no knowledge is always a good thing and very helpful. If laying blame makes ya all feel better then have at it, but just have the guts to blame the local first, which, very few will.

          • smelter rat says:

            You can’t seriously be defending the decision to stop searching for people? unless you’re a Con, then all bets are off.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            billg…..I bet you could ask for 100 Volunteers with picks, shovels, and metal cutting saws to help save any survivors from that wreckage, and you would have them within 20 Minutes in any average (not Toronto) city.

            The rescue effort is a travesty.

      • MoeL says:

        First, I suspect the emergency is already over. Time was of the essence and they (however “they” are) blew it. What could the premier or prime minister have done.. find out if the local people were in over their heads and call in the experts at disaster recovery (Italy comes to mind). I’m afraid it’s all window dressing now! I suspect “No one asked me for help” will not cut it with the public! It won’t with me! Where exactly does it say that a “Premier has to be asked for help” before acting in an emergency. I suspect both the premier and the prime minister will come out of this with diminished reputations.

        • billg says:

          I’m sure the Premier and the PM will come out of this with diminished reputations, but, it would be by people who dont like them anyways and are just looking and fishing for reasons.
          A floor colapsed, no one really knew until it was too late the seriousness of it, the Local Response Team was probably not prepared for a Mall collapse. Roofs collapse, bulidings burn, winds destroy. We have ERT’s in almost every municipality in Canada for early response. If your saying the Province and the Fed’s should bypass these teams and its volunteers for every crisis then what would be the purpose of the ERT’s?

        • patrick deberg says:

          It has to be a study in irony that this event occurs at the same time the CPC cuts the whole emergency preparedness program be cause they “feel” all Canadians are well trained at this point. Here comes the omnibus…….

          • billg says:

            Hmm…funny….one of Canada’s largest Emergency Preparedness Colleges was closed 15 years ago…West of Ottawa by a Liberal Govt. Not really sure whats ironic about an ongoing tragedy in Elliot Lake Patrick or what exactly it has to do with EP.

          • Cath says:

            stupid comment patrick.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Patrick….the corrosion, rot, and decay of that structure started long before Harper was PM, or McGinty was premier. There is a lot of blame to go around…but I think it best to lay it where it is most deserved.

            -Owners of the building who knew there were structural problems.
            -Engineers who said the building was safe
            -Rescue teams who seem not to want to rescue anyone if it may be dangerous
            -local politicians..

            There will be lawsuits.

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      There was a day when the federal government took emergency preparedness seriously.


  5. Shane says:

    Hey! Really hoping you’ll post a video link/ audio link somewhere to twitter or facebook for this. Really curious to hear you on this one. Cheers.

  6. Eric says:

    I understand and respect the euphoria that Liberal members must feel when seeing numbers like this one after being in the gutter for so long. However isn’t a coronation of the Dauphin as leader as short-sighted and shallow as would have been the coronation of Rae as the leader? Doesn’t the Liberal Party still need to do the hard homework, consult its members, form policy and define itself in order to show that it wants to be a government that will make changes, not just to have power for the sake of it?

  7. Tim Sullivan says:

    Warren, what the hell have we ever done to you? Making us watch that SunTV again (harumph)

      • JamesHalifax says:

        Sorry don’t cut it…..

        Take David Menzies aside and teach him how to speak properly without using the words “folks” every other sentence. Take Ezra aside…and..and..well, you figure it out.

        Charles Adler…..see if he has any questions that aren’t leading, or that don’t answer themselves. His show two days ago about someone getting their “jollies”…was just disturbing to watch.

        Take Krista Ericson aside and..and..umm….take some pictures of her in a tight dress and post them here…..er, sorry…tell her she has nice hair.

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