06.04.2012 07:32 AM

My choice for Liberal leader

Here. It’s perfect.

You’re welcome.


  1. Np says:

    Make it so!

    Oh wait, wrong series. Still, head and shoulders above everyone else.

  2. DOUG McLELLAN says:

    What does matter. ALL POLITICIANS ARE MAGGOTS. We can not trust any of them! I never believe any of them. Politicians never answer letters, emails etc. They all have only one job when in office.MAKE THEIR RICH FRIENDS RICHER. The hell with everybody else.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      Not quite all of them ignore correspondence. I e-mailed Nathan Cullen congratulating him on his well-run campaign and extended well-wishes to him and his family. I also expressed hope that his message of cooperation and consensus spreads and that people will listen.

      His campaign office acknowledged my e-mail first, a week later, then, about a week and a half after that, Mr. Cullen e-mailed me personally, with a very nice e-mail thanking me for “your kind words” and support.

      That confirmed for me why he is much loved in his riding. Great guy. Total contrast to the useless tool that represents my riding (who practically ran from me when I greeted him with a friendly “hello”).

  3. Jordan says:

    Might he only be a one election leader?

    And as head of the election war room how would you combat those attack ads that question his loyalty to Canada?

    • lmfao, I know how he would combat those attack ads! Same as with the double damned Romulans or Klingons. Arm Photon torpedo’s: Lock all phazers on the klingon flagship and FIRE!

  4. John says:

    Darn right!
    He would rid us of the CPC (represented by the warlike and dogmatic Klingons) and the Dippers (who are pretty similar to the Borg collective) in short order!!!!!!!!

  5. Skinny Dipper says:

    “He’s just visiting Earth” will be the Con tag line.

  6. tfalcone86 says:

    Perfect. I dare say that Shatner would be able to conclude every speech with, “I’m just visiting,” and Canadians would eat it up. Isn’t it funny how that works out sometimes?

  7. pomojen says:

    If he promises to refer to the cons as Kling-cons, I am in.

  8. JamesHalifax says:

    Haha….this line “He’s just visiting Earth”

    Is perfect.

    Of course, Capt. Kirk had a thing for the ladies. The stranger looking the better…..

    Lizzie May might want to be careful.

  9. Michael S says:

    I agree with this, just for the purpose of him standing up in the House Of Commons during a Question Period Sideshow, screaming “GET A LIFE!”.

  10. Realist says:

    Well, it would certainly be a new generation of leadership. Just not the generation anyone was expecting.

  11. Leon Wu says:

    This would turn CPAC into the most watched channel in Canada. Every speech he makes would be comic gold.

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