06.12.2012 02:32 PM

Perfect punk rock moment

…and replete with (happy) meanings, too.  Against Me!, Joan Jett and Laura Jane Grace cover the Replacements’ ‘Androgynous’ in NYC.  Been listening to this song for nearly 30 years, but never before has it worked as well as this. (From LL.)


  1. kre8tv says:

    Two thoughts: first, it’s almost criminal how great Joan Jett looks still. Second, the story of AM! and Laura Jane Grace is really taking shape as one of the coolest things to happen in music in a while, IMO.

  2. Oh my gosh …….memories 🙂

  3. nez1 says:

    Sounded great…and replete with meaning.Used to have a huge crush on Ms. Jett back in the day.

  4. Philip says:

    Truly epic! I saw Joan Jett at one of the Police Picnics back in the 80s. Her cover of Crimson and Clover is still in the top 5 of Best Covers Ever. Thanks for posting that up.

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