06.05.2012 12:54 PM

This is frigging sick

From Wells and that Macfarlane poseur, no surprise. But Coyne? Not his style. GC has it right.


  1. OdysseusCA says:

    I thought is was hilarious, you need to lighten up and enjoy some black humour now and then.

    • Warren says:

      Why don’t you email Lin Jun’s family, and tell them it’s hilarious? I dare you. http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/sunday/2012-06/03/content_15458483.htm

      • bobloblaw says:

        Nobody’s making fun of Lin Jun or the murder. People are making fun of Labatt’s cluelessness when it comes to their brand image and the media (social and traditional).

      • OdysseusCA says:

        Read the hashtag,… it’s about Labatts NOT Lin Jun. How’d you like to be part of Magnotta Wines these days too? They’ve seemed to have handled the issue much better.

        • Warren says:

          Wrong. Coyne, Wicary et al. were making fun of the VICTIM on Twitter threads all yesterday.

        • metakaizen says:

          Making the innocent part of the punchline is disgraceful disrespect. It takes a special kind of obtuseness and lack of class not to understand that. #Stanley Cup Playoffs.

          (Shhhhh, I put that hashtag in so OdysseusCA wouldn’t figure out I was taking about him.)

    • W the K - No, not Warren says:

      Those who know humour know the cliche about tragedy plus time. Those who try to be funny, cute, or collegial (when they normally aren’t) tend not to know this. This is horrifying and there has been no time. Coyne, if he wrote this, should know better. So should you.

    • Philippe says:

      Bad taste. If it was your kin, you’d be singing a different tune.

  2. Jim Hanna says:

    Not that this justifies the insensitivity, but was that in reaction to Labatt going after the Montreal Gazette to take down the photo which showed their product front and centre? IE, that Labatt was overreacting and only brought even more attention to it.

    But very crude, indeed.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind too much if the Germans just extradited the criminal to China. I am not looking forward to this trial (or rather, the media coverage thereof)

  3. Mr. Murdoch esq. says:

    Regardless of the politics and the PR bullshit, this entire matter is purely evil and the less said about it and the more done about it the better. The issue is humourless. How would you like to be the relative of the victim and know, that you and anyone else can kick back at anytime and watch your loved one being murdered over and over again, not to mention the dismembering. Think about it!

    I recall Warren writing something a few weeks ago about he, being a law student and his professor asking the class a question about capital punishment. My answer hasn’t changed. In fact it is hardened now beyond compare.

    Anyway the trail and the media that goes with it is part of the formula for true evil. At least it is in my simplistic world.

    How would you like to be on the jury?

    • Richard says:

      That is an experience that I don’t think anybody would want to sign up for. Inevitably they’re likely all going to have to witness the video. At a minimum, they’ll be exposed to reading about it in graphic detail. I can’t envision how someone goes through that without changing a little bit inside as a person.

    • Raymond says:

      It would be interesting if China ordered his extradition and trial for the murder of a Chinese national.
      Justice would be swift and final.

      • bluegreenblogger says:

        hmm, from what I know, justice, and the Chinese judicial system are strangers to one another. I agree with Richard though, I would do anything not to sit on this jury.

        • Raymond says:

          It would be one’s duty as a citizen. I would think being a juror on the Mahaffy/French murders would’ve been equally horrid. Too bad the Perpetrator(s) in those crimes didn’t face a Chinese judicial system.

  4. JamesHalifax says:

    Yeah…not what I would expect from Andrew.

  5. Michael Behiels says:

    As with politics timing is everything with humour.

    Humour is also in the eye/ear of the reader/listener.

    Tweeters have to be aware of the context at all times.

  6. andrew says:

    Coyne and all these other idiots should be fired. This is not funny.

  7. DanO says:

    Coyne’s tweet is just plain dumb.
    Labatt’s response to the Gazette picture was an equally dumb PR blunder.

  8. Chris says:

    Not so sure you can take the high road on this on, you did post a link to a tweet making light of the situation on this blog (something about an arch-enemy, wasn’t it?).

  9. Sean says:

    100% agree Warren

  10. Andy says:

    You kids slay me: here you are complaining about somebody spreading a disturbing message on Twitter by…well…spreading it further on FB and other sites. Shake yer heads out, people.

  11. Jon says:

    I’m all for freedom of speech and I would defend it to my death. But in this case it’s not free speech it’s insulting, blasphemies and clearly absence! This should be banned and the author should be fined and imprisoned!

    I do hope you find it in your heart Warren to remove it in respect for the family of Lin Jun.

  12. patchouli says:

    Hmmm, bad taste yes, but also just not funny. Last week when twitter was first being funny about this (and yes it was waaaayyy toooo sooon, if ever that could be), it was Coyne who said that when being distasteful, one must be sure to be funny. These are spectacularly unfunny even if they were about a fictional show.

    Warren, what no Canadian journalist has talked about that I’ve seen is the Conservatives deciding to add in the charge to Magnotta about endangering the prime minister, and holding press conferences to say they are having grief counselling over receiving the poor guy’s foot. My dad and I think they are really making this about them in a way they should not, but perhaps it means simply that the ultimate sentence will be greater — what do you think? If they felt they needed counselling, so be it, but they did not need to announce that. One gets the feeling they may try to fundraise on this crime.

  13. SherryC says:

    The reporters who started the hashtag were clearly talking about Labatts and meant no disrespect to the victim. They were making fun of Labatt for being more concerned with their image than the death of an innocent man. Warren was a spokesperson/lobbyist for Labatts in the past,and appently plays in a band with a Labatt VP. If Warren didn’t have ties to Labatts would he be so outraged he felt the need to make a show segment? He didn’t seem very upset with all the bodyparts jokes last week.
    As to the jokes themselves and did I think they were funny or appropriate? Its a fine line. I did think some of them were funny because they called out Labatt for their absurd level of self interest that was totally inappropriate at the time and yet I didn’t send on any retweets. Just thought Oh God Labatts. How stupid are you.

    • Warren says:

      Really? So Coyne’s tweet, to cite just one example, should be shown to Jun Lin’s parents, who arrived in Canada last night?

      They’ll know it is “clearly talking” about a beer company, right?

  14. SherryC says:

    How very dramatic of you. Perhaps we should comb all the web.

  15. SherryC says:

    Actually just spoke with my daughter who’s 20. She says she found the jokes went too far. Perhaps you all are right. Think the parents would be as upset with the Labatt Pr concern as the jokes tho which while in poor taste were not meant to discredit the victim, and didn’t think it was right of you to do a segment where I didn’t feel all sides were laid bare.

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