07.19.2012 06:29 AM

About that hearing yesterday

Oh, and there was a reason I didn’t post a single word about that much-anticipated hearing yesterday. There’s a reason for that.

Some people in the West end aren’t going to like it.


  1. JamesHalifax says:

    Warren, what are the chances SUN TV will give you a show of your own? (It would get some Liberals watching and improve your ratings).

    I think you should take the “Menzoid’s” position.

    So painful…can’t watch.

  2. JamesHalifax says:


    If they do feel brave and give you a spot……you should introduce your show with a few gimmicks.

    1. Show up in a Sith Lord outfit ala, STAR WARS.
    2. Show up with a chainsaw and provide directions to Ezra, who clearly, had never handled one before in his life.
    3. Give a short presentation on “how to speak in public” and direct it to the Menzoid….

    just a suggestion.

  3. Lord Kitchener says:

    despite the drama and theatrics, which is not the basis of our democracy, yesterday’s hearing was totally anti-climatic Kudos to Cohn for his assessment, and raspberries to the mpps who lack the stones to nail a suspect. it sounds like Sandals did well, and Klees just went on with his circus.

    it is a time for a cabinet shuffle, especially before the byelection. Move Hoskins to Health, it is about time he delivers, Matthews to Education so she can hit home FDK, Sandals should take a leadership role maybe in MOE, Broten has proven herself capable, Duncan is the rock, Bentley is the consigliere, Wynne keeps the trains running, so keep her in DOT

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