07.19.2012 07:57 AM

Carcross-Tagish First Nation: this time it’s personal

From the Yukon News:

Ottawa continues to turn down the Carcross/Tagish First Nation’s calls to negotiate a financial transfer agreement.

With concerns that it will be broke by the fall, the self-governing Tlingit group looked to its citizenry for help.

Luckily, Warren Kinsella’s daughter is a First Nation member.

“She has a copy of the self-governance treaty hanging on her bedroom wall,” the pundit and former Chretien spindoctor said in an email to the News on Tuesday.

Kinsella has a history of battling Conservatives. And along with being a staunch Liberal, he also co-founded the Daisy Consulting Group, which “has a lot of involvement with aboriginal files, right across the country,” said Kinsella.

“Since my daughter is a citizen of CTFN we felt we needed to help… to shine a light on what the Harper government is doing to this proud First Nation. We intend to help them tell their story to the whole country, and force the Conservative government back to the table. We’ll do whatever it takes.”

Talks between the First Nation and Ottawa came to a stalemate with Ottawa in May 2011. The First Nation’s last financial transfer ran out that March.

Carcross/Tagish turned down an offer on the table for more money.

There was no negotiation, said Danny Cresswell, the newly elected chief of the Tlingit group.


  1. smelter rat says:

    Take no prisioners, Mr. K.

  2. JamesHalifax says:

    Any more details, Warren?

    The article didn’t really mention any numbers, or what the dispute is about.

  3. Brad Young says:

    Maybe they should move to Tony Clement’s riding

  4. que sera sera says:

    The sudden switch from promulgating hatred towards aboriginal women and “natives” (quotes below) to servile sycophancy seeking more info on the reported issues faced by Warren’s daughter’s First Nation is simply stunning.

    I’m amazed anyone could survive the physical contortions necessary to shove both feet in their mouth while having their head up their ass.

    Quotes taken from “The Media Who Applaud This…” thread, courtesy of JamesHalifax, who is shining his own Conservative light on aboriginals while failing to differentiate between “facts” and “opinions”:

    1/> “Unfortunately, the feds can’t take the time to go to the reserve and try and teach mother’s or mother’s to be that drinking, smoking, or taking drugs while pregnant is a bad idea.”
    ( JH 7/17/12 1:33 pm)

    2/> “Many of these babies would have been born alive and healthy if their mothers were not taking drugs, drinking, or otherwise disregarding their own health while pregnant.”
    (JH 7/17/12 12:27 pm)

    3/> “Mother’s or mother’s to be…who would rather stay drunk or stoned instead of taking care of their health while pregnant. This isn’t just an aboriginal issue……it’s just that as a percentage of the population, it is far more prevelant on reserves.”
    (JH 7/17/12 12:27 pm)

    4/> “Residential schools have been history for a while now. True, they are a horrible stain that Harper has apologized on behalf of Canada for…however, you can not blame government for irrisponsible behaviour. It wasn’t Stephen Harper that held women down and forced booze down their throats. It wasn’t harper that made them smoke or do drugs…and it wasn’t harper who told them to have 8 kids before the age of thirty.”
    (JH 7/17/12 3:04 pm)

    5/> “As for someone who is not an aboriginal or a woman having a right to make comments……of course we have the right. Not only do we want to see responsible parenting and healthy kids….we also want to be sure the taxes we pay arent’ being pissed away on booze, flat-sceen TV’s, and big honking SUV’s. The fact that most of these reserves in question have all of these things along with poverty, poor housing, and despair…shows clearly that the money isn’t getting where it is needed.”
    (JH 7/17/12 3:04 pm)

    6/> “I’d never find myself in the position of buying booze before I bought baby food or diapers. I wouldn’t piss away my money on an SUV or flat screen TV if the roof over my kids head was leaking. Frankly, I’m too responsible to walk in those shoes…..but please, tell me what it’s like, as you seem to be familar with the concept.”
    (JH 7/17/12 3:04 pm)

    7/> “look how many aboriginal women have had their kids taken away because they couldn’t/wouldn’t look after their needs? The numbers are staggering, but at least these kids will have a chance if their given to a family that is at least semi-functional.”
    (JH 7/17/12 3:04 pm)

    8/> “It’s aboriginal women who are falling into the same patterns across Canada on these remote and isoloated reserves. Their race has nothing to do with it…there are good and bad mothers in every race, but in Canada, it’s a problem with aboriginal women.”
    (JH 7/17/12 3:04 pm)

    9/> “There are no “shots”…unless pointing out known facts is now considered taboo because the people in question are native.”
    (JH 7/17/12 3:04 pm)

    10/> “I will admit to actually sympathizing with the plight of these women, however, my sympathy to them is overshadowed by my sadness that many of them won’t give a damn if they’re pregnant or not, as long as there is a beer left in the fridge.”
    (JH 7/18/12 8:51 am)

    11/> “True, she doesn’t deal exclusively with natives, but she did tell me about one woman who had 7 kids (and she wasn’t yet 30) who wanted to put two of them up for adoption…..because her social assistance cheque did not increase after 5 kids. apparently paying for the other two kids was just a wasted investment.”
    (JH 7/18/12 9:00 am)

    • VC says:

      I share your disgust, que sera sera, with JamesHalifax. I didn’t comment the other day when the Aboriginal-bash fest was going on here. As a First Nations person, I wanted to vomit just as when I read the comments on any online First Nations story in any of the mainstream media (that includes the comments section on CBC). From yesterday, we see the bile of JamesHalifax and today we get, “Oh, Warren, please tell us more, I’m so really interested in aboriginal [always lower case ‘a’] issues. Tell me more, I may be able to help you out.” Pathetic. To the likes of JamesHalifax, I proudly say “Fuck off. Enjoy your life of privilege and stay the fuck out of our business.” I wonder, does it make Conservatives satisfied to cut off the resources to these people? And then blame First Nations people for their problems?

      I’m generally more polite than that in person, but I hate racists like JamesHalifax so it has to be said today.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        Good morning, VC….how ya doin?

        Nice to see the racist label this early in the morning. That’s always the case when one doesn’t like what is written about a situation that seems untenable, and spells out the truth, no matter how painful.

        As for my life of privilege…why yes, I do rather enjoy it. I”ve earned it by living a life full of hard work, not relying on any handouts from the Government, and basically making the right decisions.

        As for blaming the aboriginal folks (some of whom I count as my kin)…sorry. I’m blaming mother’s who drink, smoke, or do drugs when they are pregnant….because the results of that birth, are directly related to their actions. I just pointed out that it seems to be prevelant on native Reserves.

        If you don’t like that fact….then do something about it.

        • smelter rat says:

          Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            smelter, I have never denied anything I wrote. I stand by it all.

            It happens to be true. Que sera sera doesn’t like the fact that I’ve pointed it out in all it’s gory detail. She prefers the candy-coated version that only creates victims, and disregards the part that demands responsibility.

          • smelter rat says:

            So you don’t deny you’re a racist? Good to know.

    • GPAlta says:

      Thank you for posting this que sera sera. I fully support you in rejecting these very clear expressions of intolerance and ignorance, and I admire you for standing up against this kind of nonsense.

      • JamesHalifax says:


        The very clear expressioins I posted where about the problems on some reserves in Canada. The fact you consider the truth as a form of intolerance or ignorance, is your failing. Not mine.

        Truth ain’t always pretty.

        (By the way, I noticed you are not concerned about racisim towards other folks. Please see Nurie’s comments…they were far more revealing than anything I have written to date.)

        • GPAlta says:

          Alcoholism is a disease and a disability which has both genetic and cultural causes. It is virtually impossible to grow up in an abusive or alcoholic home without developing alcoholism.

          Aboriginal children grew up for generations in the abusive home forced upon them by the government in residential schools until the 1950s, and continued in those schools with nominal consent until the last residential school closed in 1996.

          Blaming alcoholic mothers who were raised in abusive homes because their parents were abused by the government is truly to blame the victim (sometimes the victim of the victim of the victim), and asking someone in that situation to cure themselves is like asking cancer patients to cure their own disease.

          I am well aware of the problems on reserves, and I know that the solution is not going to come by punishing the weakest in our society but by engaging the strongest to provide healing rather than further victimization.

          The truth is the least pretty when you realize that you are responsible for that truth, and that it is your job to reach out to the victim, rather than to kick her while she’s down. I hope you’ll realize that someday and stop this kicking.

          This is the only response I’m making to this, and the last that I plan to make to you ever, as I don’t want to drive up your CPC paycheque by giving you any more excuses to post.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            GPA, I know all about the alcoholism on reserves, and I have seen the effect of alcoholism on people I know.

            I know all about residential schools, and its effects. I know that past Governments have been screwing aboriginal folks for years. I know it will be difficult to fix, but it is not impossible.

            the first step is for the aboriginal folks to take and admit the problem can’t all be laid at the feet of the FEDS. At some point in time, aboriginal folks are going to need to do more to clean up the mess that exists, and money is not the answer. It will require a cultural shift…and we can’t do it for them.

            I am not asking for anyone to be punished, I want them to accept responsibility. I want native leaders to stop lining their own pockets and provide funding to their people.

            As for my being responsible for any of it…sorry. Not feeling it. I didn’t devise residential schools…someone else did. I didn’t make anyone a victim….someone esle did.

            With regards to reaching out to the “victim”….I am doing it. I want them to smarten the hell up and realize that living in a northern ghetto with no job prospects, no hope, and no future is not going to cure their ills.

            Fortunately, many of the reserves today are waking up and realizing that in order to succeed in the “white mans’ world…they need to emulate him and start generating their own wealth, as the well is running dry. We can’t support them forever.

        • Philip says:

          I honestly see you and Nurie as flip sides of the same ugly coin. I’m not saying this to be mean or score imaginary points off you. I believe you don’t see yourself that way but it does come across in the comments which you often post here.

    • JamesHalifax says:

      Que sera sera….instead of re-posting comment from earlier threads, please show me where I was wrong? Just because you don’t like to hear it, doesn’t mean it isn’t valid.

      As for asking for more information about the situation, that’s quite normal one would think. I article was lacking a background story. You will note, as you have clearly been hanging on every word I write….that I have a family which also includes aboriginal Canadians. They just don’t fit the mould you would like to see them in.

      As victims.

  5. que sera sera says:

    Ditto! LOL!

  6. Pat says:

    GREAT routine!

  7. Robert K. says:

    Go get ’em Warren. The North is about people and communities.

  8. Philip says:

    Pretty funny stuff! I’ll keep an eye out for him preforming in T.O

  9. Philip says:

    I envy anyone’s ability to get up before and preform in front of a live audience. The idea scares the hell out of me!

  10. Kaplan says:

    Time to put some questions to the Yukon’s MP, Conservative Ryan Leef. The Yukon has long been known for its advanced progress on First Nations final agreements. And up North, aboriginals make up a sizable amount of the population. Harper can’t sweep ’em under the rug like he tries to elsewhere in Canada.

  11. Marc-André Chiasson says:

    “It is long past time we acknowledged and celebrated the shared history between the Mi’kmaq and the Acadians.It was the Mi.kmaq who saved, sheltered, and helped many Acadians…during the Expulsion. Regrettably, in the twenty-four decades since then, we Acadians in our laudable desire to be in step with the dominant society, have somehow lost sight of our common history. Too often have Acadians for too long shunned and neglected the Mi’kmaq. Racism also has sadly not always been absent from our thoughts. It has not been our finest moment.” Quoted from ACADIAN FOOTPRINTS which is the autobiography of Gérald (Gerry) Doucet, former Nova Scotia Minister of Education. Sadly, as we can see from the Carcross/Tagish situation, the Mi’kmaq are not the only Aboriginals to be poorly treated.

  12. Anne Peterson says:

    My daughter-in-law and grandson are First Nations people. She has a couple of degrees. Bet you don’t have any Halifax. Good for you Warren.

  13. que sera sera says:

    Some things I have observed about JamesHalifax:

    1/> he posts between the hours of @ 7:00 am to 3:00 pm during the week

    2/> he is transparently ignorant about most of the subjects at hand

    3/> he posts as an agitprop, looking for enough “traction” on a thread only to regurgitate his misinformation & talking points

    4/> he does not respect the difference between “facts”, “opinions”, “bullshit” and “bigotry”

    5/> he fails to provide links supporting his “facts”

    6/> he indulges in ad hominems, belittling & attacking other people

    7/> his expectation that other people automatically defer to his opinions reflects his ingrained sense entitlement & privilege

    8/> he belongs to the dominant culture and disrespects those who don’t fit that mold

    9/> he is threatened by brown people

    10/> his demonstrable hatred of Aboriginal women appears pathological

    11/> he is threatened by different opinions

    12/> he is his own favorite subject and volunteers unsolicited personal details about his own life, ideology and philosophy

    13/> he abuses whatever authority he wields in life by habitually insisting upon the last word

    14/> his profound deep-seated insecurities leaves him threatened by anything that does not conform to his worldview

    15/> his self-indulgent stream-of-conscious posting (+40% of comments on one thread) prompted the website host to caution him THREE times about the volume of his posts

    16/> he is a whiny sycophant who quickly defers to authority

    17/> he has zero self-awareness and appears oblivious to the concepts of hypocrisy, irony and satire

    18/> his misogyny and xenophobia is deeply ingrained

    19/> he clings to the hilariously obnoxious belief that his outrageous ignorant bigoted comments warrant measured responses from thoughtful posters

    20/>his behavior is consistent with that of all Conservative trolls retained to post misinformation on all public websites ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpVUYGcgtjw CTV Confirms Government(s) employing Internet Trolls, Shills & PR Agents to ‘correct misinformation’ )

    • JamesHalifax says:

      Congrats Que sera sera…..

      You finally found some use for your Womyn’s studies text book.

      I can’t answer in full, obviously, and not just because Warren doesn’t like it when I post anything lengthy, but moreso due to the fact that I really have no interest in changing your mind. If that’s what you want to believe…fill your boots.

      However, I might ask, that before you decide to chuck labels….you may try refuting what I have written.

      That’s really the part you have trouble with isn’t it?

  14. JamesHalifax says:

    I do Anne….but they aren’t the useless variety.

    And welcome to the club by the way…..I have aboriginal family members as well, and guess what. They agree with me for the most part.

  15. que sera sera says:

    Ooooops ……. correction …….. should read:

    20/> his behavior is consistent with that of Conservative trolls retained to post misinformation on public websites ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpVUYGcgtjw CTV Confirms Government(s) employing Internet Trolls, Shills & PR Agents to ‘correct misinformation’ )

  16. Anne Peterson says:

    Why are you suggesting my daughter-in-law’s degrees are useless? Because she is an aboriginal person? Or because they came from UBC?

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