07.24.2012 09:58 AM

Fight The Right: new and improved cover

“Machiavelli” is spelled correctly this time, for instance.  Also, new blurbage: Ivison, Flanagan, take note.  Out in September.


  1. Gary says:

    Very important to spell correctly on a book cover. L.O.L.
    Glad they got that error fixed and hope the re-proofed the whole book.
    The proof is the proof and when you have a good proof you have a good book.

    On another, un-related, “note”

    RIP Sally Ride


  2. James Di Fiore says:

    Fight the Right, eh.

    Then why do you hit the bigots at SNN – the ones who stoke racial hatred on the daily (I mean that literally), with kid gloves?

  3. Kevin says:

    Looking forward to it. Will it be in the independents?

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