07.03.2012 01:55 PM

Good riddance

Now, Libs, we got any hope of winning that riding? Held it long ago, as I recall.


  1. Iris Mclean says:

    Poor Bev. Now she’s gonna have to scrape by on a much reduced income.
    Note to Bev; You can buy bags of 200 cigarettes for about $10 each at any of the smoke-shacks throughout Ontario.

    • VC says:

      She should be able to score some no name frozen o.j. for at least a buck, 2 bucks for the good stuff (I like the Old South shit, myself). Makes a litre or so, but you can stretch it if you don’t mind watery stuff; go easy on the water if respectable company is expected.

    • william smith says:

      Bollocks a cabinet minister’s pension and a cushy job – like the Senate! That’s not a reduced income, Plus the OAS, CPP and her private pension. Quite the collection

      • william smith says:

        CTF quote “With Minister Bev Oda resigning from both cabinet and Parliament, the CTF calculates her pension eligibility at $52,183/year, or $701,464 by the time she reaches 80. This indexed pension is guaranteed for life and funded by taxpayers at $24 for every $1 that MPs and Senators contribute.”

      • Iris Mclean says:

        Somehow I don’t think she’ll be appointed to the Senate for at least a year or so. In the meantime, she’ll have to spend HER money, rather than ours, wisely. No?

  2. Dan says:

    Should be a tough pick-up, unless the Conservative party decides to fracture again.

    Of course, Liberals could vote strategically for the opposition party to replace the Conservatives, since you guys love strategic voting so much. But I’m not into strategic voting. And since you guys dropped into third place, I doubt you’ll hear many Liberal strategists claiming strategic voting is a good idea anymore.

    • jay says:

      From Norman’s Spectator:

      “With possibility of 2 by-elections in Ontario, sure would be a great opportunity 4 #NDP & #LPC to put Nathan Cullen’s idea to a test”

      I couldn’t agree more.

      • MCBellecourt says:

        Ditto. I hope both parties are listening to Spector and Cullen. Cullen’s leadership campaign made it clear that Cullen puts Canada first. Let’s see if Mulcair and Rae can elevate themselves to Cullen’s level.

  3. Kevin says:

    Yes, Toews and the rest of the Harper Valley PTA. Too much to hope for I’m afraid.

  4. Greg from Calgary says:

    She set a poor example so, yeah, see yah Bev. IDK what she did in cabinet but her legacy is $16 OJ and some other high wasteful items. What a bust as a minister.

  5. GFMD says:

    Del Mastro gets a pass? In terms of just plain ugly behaviour he Kenney and Oda were the ones who stood out for me.

    • Stefan says:

      Your post appears nonsensical without more context. Why did you (and plan once again to) vote for “these guys”?

  6. W.B. says:

    At the very least the Libs and NDP in Durham should be sitting down to have a little chat.

    • JenS says:

      The NDP have had a history of struggling to find a candidate in Durham, at one point even fielding this super-dud: http://www.durhamregion.com/news/elections/article/1140702–mckeever-out-of-election-race

      But Bev won it handily over a really strong Liberal candidate last time. Even if you added the NDP votes to the Lib #s, it wasn’t close.

      Until Bev took office, it was, for about a decade, held by Lib Alex Shepherd (sp?). Then, they tried to parachute in a candidate (Tim Lang, as I recall). Durham’s too parochial still for parachuting – at least the voting population is. To win, the riding needs a strong, locally well-known candidate. Even then, it will be tough. The Con machine is strong out here.

  7. william smith says:

    The dippers had it in Bob Rae’s sweep

  8. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Dont let the door hit yer ass on the way out, Ms. Oda…….

    • Iris Mclean says:

      Now, that’s not very nice.

      • frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

        Madame……politicians need to earn our respect…..she misled Parliament on Kairos funding, used taxpayer dollars to fund her extravagant tastes in limos and hotels, and only paid up when her extravangances were exposed….
        “Dear Leader” should’ve given her the heave long ago…..but that would have reflected badly on his govt at the time…..Ms. Oda left before she was pushed, imho…..

  9. Michael says:

    Etobicoke Lakeshore is not having a by-election.

    Etobicoke Centre is the subject of a court challenge.

  10. Bill From Willowdale says:

    The Liberal Democrats have a decent change of winning Durham but they won’t be ready until the 2019 election. Glad Oda is gone. She lowered the bar for her fellow Ministers.

  11. Jim Hanna says:

    I looked into the results when I heard about her resignation, and this was the classic Reform/PC split riding; the Liberals held it from ’93 to ’04 but all of those elections the Reform + PC vote was significantly higher than the Liberal vote. I would say this isn’t even a riding to contemplate cooperation with the NDP; I don’t think there is a point.

    Calgary Centre, on the other hand…

  12. JamesHalifax says:

    Bev Oda’s departure is long overdue. The sad part is, she was a pretty competent Minister, but she didn’t follow the rules she herself laid out for her department. Her two pack a day habit, should not have overshadowed prudence and probity with regards to public funds.

    The public doesn’t notice things like changes in regulations or policy that may affect them in the future, but they certainly notice a glass of orange juice for $16.

    As for the LIberals and that riding…..I suspect it will be reserved for an upcoming leadership candidate…..assuming they can pay off their previous debts from a previous leadership run.

    • que sera sera says:

      “She was a pretty competent Minister”


      No surprise that falsifying documents is deemed a competency in the Harper government.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        que sera sera….the “Not” was a pen and ink amendment, and they are perfectly legite. That being said, I think Bev Ok’d the expenditure, but was told by her higher ups to change her mind. Nothing wrong with that…..

        • Tim Sullivan says:

          Nothing wrong with that except she lied about it, mislead Parliament and let the public service staff wear it. This makes her a liar, undemocratic and contemptuous of the people of Canada, and a jerk of a boss, a bad manager and poor administrator.

          If that is what you like in Ministers of the Crown, who as Privy Councillors are the only ones who have (for life) the title “Honourable”, then you have the right government in place.

  13. reality.bites says:

    You are all being just shameful. No one in public life, not the Queen, not Trudeau, not even Gretzky in his heyday, has brought Canadians of all political stripes together like Bev Oda.

    Liberal, NDP, Green, BQ, Conservative – no one could stand that odious little toad.

    Except apparently the voters of Durham. Unbelievable that she got over 50% of the vote last time. There aren’t even any orange groves in the riding.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      She was used as a diversion. People are not too attentive, it seems, to the elitist attitudes of Harper himself. She was just another sock-puppet whose sole role was to keep us distracted while Harper continues to cornhole the taxpayer with his stupid, outdated, regressive ideas.

      Just another pawn in Harper’s sick game, and we get to pay for it. Yeeehaw ^NOT

  14. JamesHalifax says:

    She does look like Roy Orbison though…..

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