07.27.2012 12:16 PM

Harper hockey book: year nine!

Busby’s on the case!

Meanwhile, PPG continues to be, well, gullible!


  1. AP says:

    Stephen Harper is the Eldin Bernecky of authors.

  2. James Bowie says:

    Even George RR Martin manages to squeeze out a tome every five years or so, but he gets lambasted for his procrastination.

  3. crf says:

    Now, apart from being PM (let me give him that), a look at Harper’s resume will show that this hockey book would be his most significant accomplishment. (Alas not a jot of experience as an economist. Data entry clerk being his highest accomplishment in “real life”.)

    So it’s good that he’s taking his time with it.

  4. john morse says:

    Do you think it’s easy to make priorities?

  5. Mr. Murdoch esq says:

    Changing the subject for a moment to the London Olympic Opener – was it me or was McCartney way off of Hey Jude at the beginning of the song?

    Maybe it was me, but it was brutal.

    Looking for a reality check here….cause I am an old and woren out musician.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      My mom commented that McCartney seemed a bit off his game, too, so you’re not alone. I was busy on some repair work so I missed it..buuut, never mind McCartney, get Saga’s new album “20/20”. They’re Canadian, been going since ’77, and they are still AWESOME!!!! Hearing it the first time sure put a new beat in this old musician’s heart!

      As for Harper’s hockey book? If it actually ever does make it to page ten, we’ll all have to make a note of it on our calendars…maybe he’s typing it with one finger?

      Or, perhaps he should just go to a WWE match, wait for a hockey game to break out, then maybe he’ll find his inspiration!! 😀

  6. smelter rat says:

    I’ve read Bidini’s books. There is nothing more to say.

  7. Brad Young says:

    Steve is a liar face.

  8. Nic Coivert says:

    It is, apparently, too damn boring to read, go figure.

  9. Tim Sullivan says:

    So he hasn’t had a real job, hasn’t published a book, he’s not done anything of note academically, he’s not really traveled anywhere, nor has he accomplished a doctorate. He’s not produced anything nor created a job.

  10. Geoffrey L. says:

    I read a supposed excerpt of Harper’s hockey book in the paper and it read like someone in grade 4 wrote it. It was actually painful to read.

  11. Brian Mouland says:

    Its a bloody hockey book some of you leftie loons need to get out of mommys basement more

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