07.16.2012 11:37 AM

Not bad

If Trudeau runs for leader, and wins, the Libs will be doing even better.

Then again, this is a poll, and I don’t believe in polls so much anymore. Nope.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Trudeau is also from BC. His mother’s roots are in BC, aren’t they? Grew up there, lost a brother there. He is half Sinclair, who was a BC MP, and a war hero, if I’m not mistaken. Therefore, he is “from Canada”, as much as one individual can be. He’s also smarter than the average bear.

    • Jim Hanna says:

      Justin is very proud of his Sinclair heritage, from what I have seen. He does have some very deep BC roots and has lived there; I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if he choose to run there if he became leader.

  2. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Re: Addition of 6 new BC ridings…..The Cons appear to be gerry-mandering my riding in order to keep it a safe seat for them……traditionally a swing riding, its been represented by both right and left..Our Con MP’s popularity is slipping….by hitching onto a portion of the bible belt…..theyll keep it, sadly, a safe seat for themselves……

  3. JamesHalifax says:

    I agree with Warren…..

    I’ll wait until 2015, and then look at the polls. Even then, I wouldn’t be too impressed with any poll given what we’ve seen in the past. Lately, they always fall into the probability that refutes the poll.

  4. Tim says:

    Justin Trudeau will be our next PM if he decides that’s who he wants to be. He would win seats in every province and fare surprisingly well in Quebec, not unlike his Dad and Jean Chretien.

    All the rest is just tea leaves and chicken droppings at this point.

    I’m glad I’m not Justin, this cannot be an easy decision, even for a guy like him.

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