08.15.2012 04:41 PM

Canada Live, Aug. 15: poking through the polling entrails

Wherein, I opine that Harper become more popular after dissing Miley Cyrus’ new haircut.


  1. Winston Higgs says:

    Like, absolute Snoresville, USA daddio. Where’s that Kirbie girl? Truly, a Veronica in a world of Bettys (I wonder if she has a website). Anywho, just so you know, all the kool kidz are downloading ‘The Newsroom’ S01E08 and wondering how Sun News still has a pulse. Will MacAvoy for President!

  2. !o! says:

    I wonder why she talks in a lower vocal register when she’s announcing things, she slips back into her normal register during ‘discussion’ moments and follow up questions. Does the Sun value machismo or something?

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