08.28.2012 08:41 PM

Elections Canada: WTF

Elections Canada using an NDP partisan as an advisor? Seriously? Are they out of their minds?

Only in Ottawa. Jesus.


  1. !o! says:

    Well the optics certainly could be better, but the advice itself in the article is solid. No way there was more than one person using that computer.

  2. william smith says:

    Oh – only Libs can be impartial

  3. Kelly says:

    The worse optics so far are that the Liberal candidate is the only one actually fined with regard to robocalling in that riding — so far. The Liberal party credibility on the issue is now shot — just like on daycare, kyoto, and numerous other issues. Years of good work during the Chretien era practically doesn’t matter anymore — that was almost a generation ago. Luckily, the Guelph riding is only one of 7 that are in the particular suit launched by the Council of Canadians — which continues to move forward even after numerous harassment tactics thrown at them by the Con legal team. This is going to get more and more toxic as the rot gets exposed in riding after riding. Right now the NDP is the only major party with a relatively scandal free record at the federal level — that will change, eventually, as electoral success has a way of attracting slime, but for now they sit on relatively higher ground and will lob shells at everyone else from there…question is why that surprises anyone? This is the first time in YEARS we’ve had an opposition with some political shnuts.

    • Ryan says:

      Right, because a telecomm act violation of ommission is totally the same thing as falsely claiming to be calling from Elections Canada and falsely telling people that their polling place was moved.

    • Michael says:

      Straight out of the Conservative playbook.

      1. The Liberals did it too
      2. If #1 does not work, Adscam, Adscam, Adscam
      3. Rinse, repeat

      • billg says:

        Um Michael, thats every politcial partys playbook.
        Its just that the Cons have become very very good at it right now. And its not “rinse and repeat” its “spin, spin and repeat”.

    • billg says:

      You must have missed the 20 headlines over the past week where the NDP has been forced to pay back 344,000.00$ in what is now Canada’s largest case of election fraud. Funny how partisans twist and shape truth. Some higher ground Kelly.

      • Michael says:

        I am not a New Democrat, nor I do I wish to see them succeed or do well, but I hardly think that this is a case of election fraud.

        But if you are keeping score, the In and Out scandal involved $1.3 million, so much bigger, and a true attempt to deceive and circumvent, which to me is the definition of fraud.

        Oh but I forgot since that was the Conservatives doing the defrauding it was an accounting discrepancy and a smear job by the left wing media, Elections Canada, justice system, take your pick but you get the idea.

        • billg says:

          If you aint deceiving and circumventing then your probably not winning. Hows that for keeping score? The entire point of my comment was, all 3 partys play fast and loose with EC rules and regulations and RoboCalls, but its generally the losers that complain about how it cost them an election when it probably didnt. It was meant for Kelly who said the NDP “sat on high ground” in regards to any EC scandals.

  4. rabbit says:

    Tories win both ways.

    If Elections Canada finds no wrong doing on the part of the Conservatives, then they can say “See. Even the NDP think we’re innocent!”

    And if Elections Canada does find wrong doing on the part of the Conservatives, they can say “We were found guilty in a biased investigation.”

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