08.02.2012 12:29 PM

Hey, I’m going to run, too!

I haven’t lived full-time in Calgary since 1987, when I graduated from law school, but who cares! If “Calgary Joe” can run, so can I! Anyone else wanna run with me?  Even a quick stopover at Calgary International Airport counts towards the residency requirement in the CPC!  C’mon – it’ll be fun!


  1. dave says:

    Many moon ago I was a spear carrier for a local fellow in a provincial election, so I got to all the main events, including the all candidate events. We are in Northern BC, OUr provincial Marijuana Party parachuted a young guy in; he and another person hit the local pubs and easily got the signatures they needed. He was at all the events during the campaign. It was quite something to see this young fellow from Sunshine Coast pick up the local,oil patch/forestry/ranch/grain production issues and present himself as an articulate and democracy- leaning candidate. He did a good job.

  2. T.W says:

    “I’ve always supported Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I had the honour and privilege of working for him. It is no surprise that our great Prime Minister is often unfairly attacked by partisan commentators and journalists in the main stream media.”
    Wow, shameless ass kissing, hypocritical and BS warnings on the Socialist hordes all in the same statement.
    Yup Gatineau, whoops I meant to say “Calgary Joe” is a true Conservative all right.
    The above statement is so lame I feel kind of awkward for him, and frankly his lust for the Dear Leader is disconcerting.

    But surely you’re not suggesting the CPC would actually bend rules to suit their own self interest?

  3. Michael says:

    I once flew into the Calgary airport, rented a car and drove to Jasper. Does that qualify me?

  4. Olmanhall says:

    I’ll run! I’ve been in Cgy since 1967. I don’t have to join the church or something do I?

  5. dave says:

    Which job would leave a person more time to do the autobiography, a Conservative Senate seat? or a Conservative back bencher seat?

  6. WDM says:

    I can’t remember more someone so happy to admit he’s off to Ottawa to be a party stooge in a by-election. I mean, I know regardless of who wins the nomination will do the bidding of the PM, but shouldn’t he at least fake it a bit during the local election? You know, maybe mention the city once or twice before extolling the virtues of the PM?

  7. Jim Hanna says:

    Geez, I think I actully lived in and went to school in the riding in 1980, thats gotta count, right? I mean its practically my home! (*McDougall School by the way, now apparently the Premier’s Calgary digs)

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