08.20.2012 12:17 PM

Mon chum Denis

My friend Coderre is an amazing politician, and will succeed at whatever he does. Hes also the best-known Liberal in French Quebec. Hands down.


  1. Jordan says:

    His personally seems a bit… rough or something. I’ve seen a few English interviews and he just wasn’t personable at all. He does appear to be a great organizer and Ignatieff is an idiot for not listening to him.

  2. Danny says:

    Hi Warren,

    You surely meant : «Mon chum Denis». I met him many times and never found someone as dedicated and outgoing. You are right saying he’ll succeed no matter where he is going.

  3. Jim Hanna says:

    He is very personable and one of those politicians who remember people. I am just wondering why this is news now, its about a month old, but I plan on heading to that Spaghetti dinner in November – whatever he chooses, it’ll be a fun ride.

    And Warren, if you were to make it for that event I’m sure I could set up a Pussy Riot fundraiser here around the same time at a little punk bar downtown..

  4. james curran says:

    It could be argued that he will NOT succeed if he runs for leader. I wish him well as the future Mayor of Montreal.

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