08.02.2012 02:27 PM

Punk contest! Vote!


(And, no SFH isn’t on there.  During the round-robin, we deliberately threw our guitars at the netting to ensure we got a shitty band to go against in the semi-finals.  We were disqualified.  But come to our gig anyway! We’re raising money for Pussy Riot’s defence!)


  1. deb says:

    what…no canadian band representing…hmmmm…lets see I will add some…best canadian punkbands…would be, Forgotten Rebels, Me Mom and Morgantyler(more skalike), or the Real Mckenzies…and Teenage Head. I would say we could add WKs SFH(or the hotnasties) but that would be shameless namedropping;)

    • GFMD says:

      chixdiggit or nuthin!

      • deb says:

        they are neopunk or more metal from the description…if were going emopunk I would pick early 54-40.
        and there are soo many american bands I would pick over the ramones…the ramones are boring:P

        • Paul says:

          From the US I’d take Dead Kennedys or Bad Religion over the Ramones any day of the week.

        • Glen says:

          What about the Diodes?

          • Philip says:

            Absolutely or for that matter, The Gruesomes. My sentimental favorite would have to be Teenage Head, as “Frantic City” was the first album I bought with my own money from a summer job.

            Currently, I think Fucked Up is doing an amazing job keeping Canadian punk relevant and exciting.

          • deb says:

            the gruesomes…yeahhhh…and the dikvandykes were great. my dog popper was also fun band.
            teenage head was my first punk show…I was friends with the family and got to be there when I was 10 or so( me and frankies sister were snuck in:P)…it influenced my musical direction away from pop, thank god:P

        • Philip says:

          I agree completely on your Ramones comment. How could: Black Flag, Minutemen or even the Dropkick Murphy’s not be there? I think a good arguement could be made for Iggy Pop being the raddest American punk act.

  2. Ted B says:

    You sure that’s not you drumming for The Saints?

  3. Realist says:

    Not to be excessively pedantic, but I don’t think the Clash were a punk band after Give ‘Em Enough Rope. As for Canadian bands, I guess I’d have to vote for the Viletones, even though I hated ’em then and hate ’em now.

  4. smelter rat says:

    On the good news Canadian front, Propaghandi is touring again.

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