08.09.2012 12:50 PM

SFH on iTunes!

May not be a massively big deal to anyone else, but the geriatric punks in SFH are delighted: we’ve hit the big time, baby! Groupies, drug habits and garishly expensive world tours await!

Or, not.  Anyway.  Buy our songs.  We have lawyers to pay.


  1. Philip says:

    Actually kind of a big deal, congratulations! Who knows, iTunes may even cross populate your songs into the Deep Tracks sections of their punk lists. Job well done!

  2. Eric says:

    Nice! And by “drug habits” you mean the ones that come with full two-page magazine spreads of side-effects and disclaimers, yes?

  3. Peter Lorimar says:

    I used to be a drug addict. Actually I still am. Cocaine & heroin mostly.
    I did 5 years in the state penn for trafficking & aggravated assault.

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