09.20.2012 06:08 PM

Apple iOS6 maps

Look, I know the whole world is saying it’s awful. But I’ve downloaded it, and it’s better than the GPS system I paid for.

Sorry to mess with the popular consensus and all that, but it really ain’t that bad. At all.


  1. Jason King says:

    You can’t search transit routes? That would be a nice feature to have. Maybe 6.1 will remedy that.

    Getting stuck in Surrey without a car will be a new challenge.

  2. Tiger says:

    The maps are very good, and it makes sense it’s up to those standards — they partnered with TomTom!

    Street view will be missed, but we’ll see a Google Maps app soon enough, I’m sure.

  3. Apple Fan Boys Unite! says:

    Apple maps are “not so bad”? Please. It’s a trainwreck from top to bottom.

    The only people left defending the app are the dyed-in-the-Steve-Jobs-wool Apple koolaid drinking fan boys.

    Surprised you’ve joined those ranks, Warren.

    • Pat says:

      I think the real issue is that they abandoned a tried and true Maps application because they wanted to make more money off of their customers. Apple always does this – they do something that is blatantly ripping off customers, call it innovation, and sell more units.

      • Conservative Socialist says:

        Well, that’s what all companies like to do: make more money. It’s not really a conspiracy.

        I kind of like the new Apple maps app anyway.

        • Warren says:

          Me, too. I found Google’s always hard to use. This thing’s simpler. And the GPS function is pretty good.

          Getting place names, etc. wrong isn’t the sort of thing they would’ve done when Jobs was around, but I presume they’ll do the fixes in the days ahead.

        • Pat says:

          Yeah, most businesses try to make money. I get that. What I’m saying is that Apple often shows a complete disregard for their customers. Hell, this phone doesn’t even include a bunch of stuff that the Galaxy S III (which is 6 months old) has. Plus, they screwed everyone over by not using microUSB (despite being one of the most vocal supporters of making it a standard). It’s like Stockholm Syndrome or something. Good business practices include treating your customers well. They’re already losing market share to Android, why continue to do things to be so non-conformist?

          @Warren – I read somewhere that the Google Maps app was different on Android phones, so you may be right about the new Apple Maps being easier to use on Apple products…

  4. Robert Jago says:

    I can forgive it calling the 100 metres of brick next to my office a ‘park’ – but leaving out transit directions is shameful. And why is street view gone? Like even from the Google Maps web app – gone.

    Also turn by turn nav is ok in places like Toronto maybe, but here in Montreal it’s like Preston Manning circa 1991 is in the back seat telling you where to go – ‘turn right on ‘Bell – lang – er’. Stop at ‘Rain, Levessss kews’. It’s not like we’re switching Google Maps for Bing Maps – it’s like we’re switching Google Maps for some scribbles on a napkin.

  5. Commander Shepard says:

    I have an Iphone 4S. When I first got it, anytime I asked Siri anything, she would respond “I don’t work in Canada”.

    I upgraded yesterday to IOS 6 after reading Siri now supports locations in Canada.

    After upgrading, I asked Siri ” where am I?”

    Her response: ” You are near 10901 -10999 99 ave nw”, which makes no sense at all. It doesn’t matter what Apple releases, there will always be the zombie fanboys who will think whatever they just bought is the most amazing thing in the world.

    Next phone I buy will be a Samsung.

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